Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shoulder Fatigue is the worst

Well, I finally sucked it up and did it. I may be short on money for a while, but I did it. I signed up for a 10 class card at Crossfit Deep/Uptown. I went to the Thursday WOD at Uptown. It is actually a lot closer to my house than Deep is. And I in love with the small classes! It was just me and two other guys.



After each set of 3, immediately perform 3 dips.


3 Rounds
10 Press (50% of weight used above)
10 Box Jumps
10 Bar-Touch Burpees (Touch pullup bar on each burpee)

Time: 7:16 (Damn you burpees!)

So, with the press, it was not the prettiest. Working set:


45# was heavy, and was able to do one set, but couldn't even do a second set. Then had to drop down for the 4th set, and again for the 3rd set. Mixed emotions. It's starting all over again. When I first started crossfit, I did shoulder press with only the PVC pipe. And now starting back over again, I am at least doing 45#. It can only improve! Hopefully it won't be long until I am back to what my max was. And this time I am trying to be more committed to the Paleo diet. It is hard, and we are trying to find recipes that we both like. Hopefully it won't take us too long to convert over, but we are doing it gradually. Oh, and *MAJOR* win on the ring dips! I started off using the green band for the ring dips, and well, I had to switch to the BLUE band to do them! :) I was never able to do the blue band before, and now I can! I think a good part of that is that I lost so much weight that with the green band it just doesn't go down. But I am very happy that I can do ring dips with a harder band.

The second part....wasn't that much fun at all! LOL. I did 20# for the push press, box step ups, and knee push up burpees. Burpees slow me down! I hated them before, and I don't think I will ever come to love them. For one, I get really light headed doing them. I have a problem with orthostatic hypotension. I get dizzy and can almost pass out if I get up too quickly from the couch. I have actually passed out twice from doing this. I didn't have this problem before the weight loss. I am going to go to my doctor once school is out and get a physical and see if there is a reason for this. I never had this problem when I did crossfit the first time.

Overall, it is fun to be back! Not sure what my regular days will be. Will just depend on what is going on with work/school/life!