Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Busy weekend

I am sorry to report that I didn't make it to the Crossfit Deep WOD this past Saturday. We were running a bit late, and by the time we actually made it to Deep, there was no more parking, and we didn't have any money to pay for parking. So, we drove all the way down there for nothing. :( I was very sad to have missed the WOD, so upset, that I actually cried. I look forward to this every weekend, and was disappointed to have missed it. After a few minutes, I got over it, and had to get ready for game night!

Game night was awesome! Carrie gets along great with Phoenix already, but I was little nervous about everyone coming together since there were 2 new couples that Carrie and Kason haven't met yet. But everyone got along great! Carrie made this fantastic Tres Leches cake, and Scott baked two cherry pies. Yum! If you haven't seen the pics from game night, they are on my facebook.

Sunday, we went to the zoo, and it was fun! I love seeing all the animals. While it is fun, I have an internal struggle with the fun of seeing all these great animals, and the saddness that they are being caged and not having the free area to run around. It's a very fun internal struggle. I like that it makes me think. I know, I am weird like that.

Oh, in other news, in case you didn't know, I am moving in with Phoenix. Yep. I know that it hasn't been that long, but with my lease ending next month, figured it was a good time. And it is an easy transition. I have less than 2 months now, and I get to move stuff gradually so neither one of us gets too overwhelmed. Oh, and yesterday, he told me that he loved me for the very first time. Not trying to get all "high school girl" like, but he's the best thing (minus crossfit of course! LOL!) that has happened to me in a while. Right now, I don't think anything could bring me down from this high! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another one in the books!

Another semester ended last week. I wish that I was able to do better, but I passed all my classes with good grades, but my 4.0 went bye bye. :( Oh well. I am much better balanced this time around, that making a couple B's, well, that can be the price to pay to be happy.

WOD for 5-15-10 at Crossfit Deep:
Every 3rd minute for 15 minutes
Run 200m
Air Squats

This WOD was done with a partner. One person does burpees with the other does air squats. Phoenix was my partner (like you were going to guess otherwise?). There were 5 rounds total. I told him that I would do 3 rounds of burpees and he could do only 2 rounds. He still gets really sore after the workouts, so I was just trying to make him less miserable so he keeps coming. He did really well. He got 100 reps total, while I only managed to squeak out 78 (but to my defense, I did have to do 3 rounds of burpees and he got to do more of the easy air squats).

Then after the WOD, we took showers at the box. (Deep has REALLY nice showers! They even have soap and shampoo!) And then went to see my parents for my birthday. It was a great birthday weekend. Way too much food that didn't even resemble anything close to Paleo. Oh well.

Started Maymester on Monday. This class is over next Friday, so it shouldn't be too bad. Other than that....getting ready for GAME NIGHT!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now....

Well, today is the end of the Spring 2010 Semester. I passed all my classes. And honestly, this is the worst I have ever done. Made it out with 3 B's and 2 A's. But yay! I passed! I am so glad this semester is over. It really was the semester from hell! I begin Maymester on Monday (Which happens to be my birthday, so not looking forward to going to school on my birthday, oh well). I am taking my elective, which will be Spanish For Health Care Professionals. Granted, it will be useful, just don't want to take it. Hopefully it won't be that bad.

So, this past Saturday, we all went to CrossFit Deep. :) It was a really FUN workout! We did tabata box jumps, kettle bell swings, and tire flips. We did this in 3 teams. I got total 169 reps between box jumps and Kettle bell swings. Not bad, but my team was unable to pull out the win. But still lots of fun! Hopefully the one on Saturday will be just as fun!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never?

Ok, so this past Saturday Phoenix and I went to CFDC. Carrie wanted us to come with her so, we did. I swear, burpees follow this girl around! Both times we have worked out with her, the workouts involved burpees. But anyway...on to the WOD.

10 minutes:
5 burpees on the minute
wall balls

There were a TON of people at CFDC. Phoenix and I ended up doing dumbbell thrusters (so did Carrie and her partner). Well, burpees pretty much kill me. I did all 50 of the freaking burpees, but only managed to get 30 thrusters. (Phoenix only got 22...hehe I beat him). Totally felt the soreness in the arms 2 days later. Even though, I hate them...still a love-hate relationship. Wait, no, I lie. There is no love when it comes to burpees. Just a hate relationship. Worked a little bit on pullups without a band. Still only able to get about halfway up, but for not having worked on pullups since last year, I am pleased with that. And Phoenix really likes CrossFit Deep a lot better, so it looks like that is where we will be going! :)

This week has been hell week at school. Had two finals on Monday, a regular test yesterday, and then a HESI practice test today. And then two finals next week. The week after that starts Maymester. Ug. I have to go to school on my birthday. How depressing is that? Grrr.... Oh well.

Well, off to test and work. I am so ready for the WOD on Saturday!!!!