Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready Set Shoot!

Another workout at Crossfit Deep this past Saturday. I am loving getting back into the Crossfit regimen again. Sarah and David were unable to make it this past weekend, but Phoenix and I still went. And Carrie came! It was great working out with her again. This was a fun WOD, granted, I am weird so I thought it was fun, yet exhausting!

3 rounds with 1 minute at each station:
SDHP with kettlebells
Burpees (Ok...not so much fun)
Jumping Air Squats (Did some regular air squats, Eric said that if we were tired to do regular air squats to get more reps in)
Ab Mat Sit Ups

I ended up getting 205 reps total. My strengths were the sit ups and the SDHP. I used the 26# KB for the SDHP. Another lift that I have greatly missed. It was great that Eric and Koy FINALLY came back! I am really happy that Koy was there. When we were doing the SDHP, Koy helped Phoenix with his technique, which we really didn't get that help when Koy wasn't there. Eric also motivated us on the burpess and jumping squats. I realize that when all the coaches aren't there it is more difficult to help everyone with their form, so it was wonderful to have that critique again.

Phoenix still isn't 100% sold on CrossFit, but I am thinking that if I keep bringing him, he will come around. I am just happy that he comes, even if it is just for me. I think his score was 175ish. When we were finally able to start breathing again, we went to Cafe Brazil for breakfast/lunch. I had some yummy crepe with chicken and spinch and also tried part of Carrie's Egg Sandwich, which was quite yummy too! Then, we HAD to introduce Carrie to our latest obsession...YOGURTLAND! of the best things to come around in who knows how long. Phoenix and I have made it our mission to convert all of our friends to the wonderfulness of Yogurtland. So far, we are 3 for 3! After our mini crossfit reunion....I think we all need to go to Yogurtland....any takers?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Today was our second Crossfit workout. (And by our, I mean the 4 of us). This was a pretty fun, and tiring WOD. We partnered up in teams of two, and then had to complete:

400m run
Air Squats
300m run
Push Ups
200m run
Kettle Bell Swings
100m run
Wall Balls

Each run and a movement had a time frame associated with it. After you and your partner ran the 400m, then you had the rest of 5 mintues to do Air Squats. The push ups was 4 minutes, kettlebell swings 3 minutes, and wall balls for the remainer of the 2 minutes. This was more fun than it sounds. I partnered with Sarah (David's wife). I debated on partnering with her or with Phoenix. I probably would have gotten a better workout with Phoenix (Sarah is not the best runner, and she had to walk for some of it...a lot more than I would have). The thing is, you couldn't start the movement until you both finished the run. So, I went a lot slower than I should have, but I didn't want to leave Sarah all by herself. I really want them to enjoy Crossfit, so, I chose to jog in place and wait for her to catch up to me. It also doesn't help that I am almost a foot taller than her, and I have much longer strides. Which is why it probably would have worked out better my partnering with Phoenix since we are both so much taller than Sarah and David...but oh well. :) I still had a great time. On the other three runs, I actually did run faster than her, I had to get some kind of workout in.

Hopefully they won't be so sore tomorrow, but we are having such a good time coming to CrossFit Deep! So, the plan is to come next week!

Oh....and great seeing you!!!! I am so glad that you got to meet Phoenix!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have missed this pain!

Hey everyone! I must say, that I have truely missed this type of pain. On Saturday, I took Phoenix and his two friends (Sarah and David) to experience the love of Crossfit. We went to Crossfit Deep (was hoping to see Koy and Lindsey, but they were probably taking a rest day). We did a really fun team workout. There was a 12 minute clock, and we had 3 different activities to do with a built in rest. One person would run, the other would rest, then wall ball, and then Kettlebell swings (I really did miss the KB swings!). The way the WOD was scored was you kept track of how many your team did for the KB and wall balls. Now, since I have been out of the crossfit style workout for a bit, I went lighter than I normally would have. I only used the 6# Wall ball, and the 18# KB. The run wasn't that bad. It was only 200m.

I think we scored around 391 or something like that. Not a fantastic score, but I was so proud of my people. One, they actually came to a crossfit workout. Two, they finished their first workout. And Three, they did not puke. Granted, they said that they felt like puking, but hey....who doesn't feel that way after crossfit sometimes? Sarah and Phoenix really enjoyed it, and I think that we will start becomming regulars at the free Saturday workout. I still don't have the money to commit to it sadly. :( However, I am very grateful for the free workouts and that Sarah wants to do it once a week with me. So, woo hoo for starting to become more regular! Granted, this means that I will have to give up my Saturday yoga....but I think I can live with that!

Personal life update: Phoenix was interviewing for a job in North Carolina, which would have made me depressed if he got it, however.....he was offered a job at this company in Irving. He is pretty sure that he is going to take it, which makes me very happy! The whole North Carolina thing has been looming over us, which has not let us become more serious or "official", so this should make things easier for us, and I can finally stop worrying if he is going to leave. Both jobs are a great opportunity for him, but the one in Irving just means that he doesn't have to move, which all of us like.

Diet after WOD yesterday: Well, thankfully, the 4 of us are pretty health conscious. (Granted, Phoenix and I still love the bad carbs...but we try to limit them.) We all went to Sarah and Davids, and had yummy scrambled eggs with chives and some kind of cheese. And Sarah made us some type of "paleo pancakes". (Sarah is actually doing the Paleo diet....she is already a crossfitter, just didn't know it yet). Anyway, the good. I will have to get the recipe and post it. They were made with almond flour, ricotta cheese (not sure if that is actually paleo or not, but it worked), lemon, and an egg. (maybe there were more ingredients...I was in charge of making the eggs.) We topped them with strawberries and sugar free syrup. Yum.

Ok, all this talk about food is making me hungry! Guess I better go and wake Phoenix up and cook breakfast. We are PLANNING on coming to this Saturday's, hopefully, we can repeat this amazing soreness all over again!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A much needed update!

Hey everyone! Well, I hope all is well with you guys! Just a brief update. School still sucks. I hate it. Some days, the only thing that keeps me going is the big picture for when I get out of school.

Weight loss update: Almost 30 pounds. BMI is 23!

Boy update: The guy I was seeing in more. Turned out to be a flake. New amazing. Someone who is the complete opposite of me, which is kinda fun. We have been dating for a month, and I like how things are going. Oddly enough, he met my mom after the third's a funny story....remind me to tell you about it one day.

I am thinking we need to have a get together sometime soon!