Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Man Nate....

WOD for 3-19-2009

2 Muscle Ups
4 HSPU (subbed shoulder press)
8 KB Swings

OK...was not even thinking about arms when I was doing yesterdays workout. But CFDC wanted to do Nate. So I did Nate. I checked the blog before I left, and didn't know the substitution for the muscle ups. So, I just did a 1:1 substitution with pull ups and ring dips. Later, I found out that I should have done 4:1. Will remember that for next time. I used 15# DB for the presses and for the KB swings. Arms were feeling sore from yesterday as were the abs. I shouldn't have taken it easy on the presses and swings, but oh well. It's over now. Can't go back and redo it. I just won't let myself take it easier next time. Granted, even though I took it easier, it was still a hard workout. I was dripping in sweat when I was finished, so maybe I didn't take it THAT easy.

I finished 15 rounds on the buzzer! Sweet! And then I had my 50 minute cool down with Aqua Fit. I have to admit, it is kinda fun. It's nice to go get in the pool after you have worked hard doing a CF workout to a cool pool and still having constant movement for 50 minutes.

After that, a nice relaxing 2 hours by the pool reading pharmacology and Harry Potter! Not at the same time, but would switch books whenever I would switch sides. If I have to study, might as well do it by the pool right? :)

Breakfast/Lunch: Don't usually eat before working out. On days off from work, I usually work out from 8-10. So, for this meal, I had 1/2c granola, almonds, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 1/2c blackberries
Dinner: Not sure what I am doing yet. Going to Happy Hour with my friend for her 40th Birthday! I am going to TRY to be good and not drink alcohol. But what's worse on the Paleo scale, alcohol or a soda?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotta Push On!

WOD for 8-18-2009

Push Press (main site)

Push Ups
Sit Ups
Pull Ups

My workout ended up changing pretty much until I actually did it. My friend Amber and her boyfriend who does CrossFit as well, came up to the hospital at lunch. Matt and I started talking, and the plan was for him to meet me at the gym for a workout. I was actually excited. Someone to seriously CrossFit with. We had planned to meet at 7 after the Aqua Fit class. Well...he had to help Amber's grandparents move furniture, and by the time he got done, it was almost 7 and he hadn't eaten, so he asked for a raincheck. Which I will give him the rain check, but he will have some kind of burpee penatly!!

I know that CFDC had the clean and press for the WOD, but I was not feeling comfortable with my clean without having an additional person to watch my form. Hurting my back is NOT going to be beneficial to me. Especially with school starting in less than two weeks! Ahh! So, it was great that the push press was on the main site, so it's like I did part of the CFDC workout.

OK...onto the press. I couldn't remember what my 1 rep max was. So, I just went as heavy as could. Granted, it wasn't that much.

Working Set:

Sadness....failed at 90. Got home, and looked at my past 1 rep max, and it was like 90# back in April. So, major sadness. I think the fail from the first attempt got into my head. Or I am just weaker. I would really like to think it is the first of the two choices. Did the best I could today, and that's all I can ask for.

I hadn't planned on doing a cookie, but Matt and I were texting back and forth and he told me that I had to do this workout. So, I did. Time was slower than I would have liked. Didn't break things up too much, but I feel there was a lot of room for improvement. Abs are still wicked sore from Annie yesterday. I don't ever remember them being this sore. That just made the 21-15-9 worse. ugg...Time for my cookie was 6:50. I will attempt this again soon, and see if I improve!

Breakfast: egg white omelet, 1/2 bagel, 1/2c yogurt, almonds
Lunch: Fajita meat and Salad
Dinner: lime chicken breast, celery, almonds, 1/2c raspberries

Monday, August 17, 2009

Work Work Work

Hey guys..I am back into the swing of things. I took a few extended rest real good reason. Just wanted to relax when I got off of work. But I think I made for it today on my day off.

I got up and looked at the WOD...running two miles. Ick. So, I did this on the elliptical. Time was horrible, but I did just 2 miles straight. Then I went and did "Annie". My time was slower than last time. Then again, last time I did Annie I didn't do a 2 mile run right before. For my sub for double unders, I did the vertical jumps. I would like to think that my time was slower because I didn't have an Ab mat. I never realized how much the Ab mats help when doing multiple reps like Annie.

Time was 9:50. Will work on improving this time.

Then, I went to my Aqua Fit Class. The regular instructor for Monday mornings is back from vacation. It's very interesting to see the different instructors and their techniques. I really liked this one. Worked our triceps really well! Will be feeling the soreness from that tomorrow!

Other than that, everything is going well. Feeling tons better....maybe it's the new shoes! Hehe...So, the plans for the rest of my day off....tanning by the pool while reading Harry Potter and Pharmacology!

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Week...

I am sorry Lindsey for not posting every day to keep you entertained. Have had personal issues, and just have not felt like taking the time to post and be positive. But the good thing is, even though I didn't WANT to work out, I did work out.

"Helen"ish. So, I was kinda looking forward to Helen. She's a great one. But again, treadmills and I don't get along. And Amber was working out with me that day! :) So, Amber and I were going to do the 3 rounds, but sub the row. Since one of the rowers was broken, we had to go one at a time. And I went first. First 400m, went by quickly (1:26...fastest I've done that before), and finished that round around 3 minutes using the 25# DB for the KB swings. Amber was keeping time for me, and well, didn't realize that she had to keep the timer going for the entire time. So, she only timed my first row. And then she timed my whole second round, which I finished in 4 something. And then some old lady stole my rower. :( Sadness. So, I just did two rounds. Amber did Helenish as well, but since the old lady was on the rower (and wasn't really doing much work, just sitting there and half assing it) she did her two rounds on the elliptical. Oh well...not like I can kick her off the rower. After that, we went and did an hour of Aqua Fit.

Not too much to say about this day, or much that I wish to go into.
WOD was
3 Jerk
3 L pull-ups

I have no clue how to do an L pull up. Nor do I know how to sub it. So, I changed up the WOD a little bit. Instead of doing L-pull ups, I did knees to elbows. Well, it ended up really being bring your knees up as high as you can. Which I actually thought that I was getting them up higher than I have in the past. Used 55# for the jerk. Probably should have gone higher. Oh well. I will do this one again soon, as I thought it was fun. Time: 9:50

Had a day off. Spent it shopping with my mom and little brother. Lovely cheat meal at Tin Star...yum for flour tortillas, but I didn't eat any rice. Found a really cute top and dress...oh and two pair of shoes! I heart shoes! Now, I just need some place to wear them to! For the WOD, it was deadlift. Normally I love deadlift. But I just didn't have it in me. Not a lot of sleep, and just not my normal energy. Past couple of days have taken a lot out of me emotionally. So, I knew that I had to do SOMETHING productive. So, I did a warm up row. Then did bench press 5 sets of 10 reps each (45-50-55-60-65). Then cool down sit ups, and then an hour of Aqua Fit. Now, the Aqua fit teacher, wow...much different than the Tuesday night teacher. Much more cardio. Lots of "sprints". And even a mini CF style workout. Which was awesome! I will probably become a regular to her 6PM Aqua Fit class just for the CF style workout.

So, today is Friday. Not sure if I am going to work out or not. I know I need to, but right now, I have no energy. I may just end up doing Annie at home sans running. We'll see.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Splish Splash

WOD for 8-10-2009

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

One word for this workout. BLAH! I usually love squats. I felt good during my warm up sets. I started off my first set at 95#, something I new I could easily get. Then I jumped to #115. Which normally would not have been any problem, but on my 3rd rep, I noticed that my back was doing something funny. Finished out the set and tried to correct form. I decided to drop back down to 95# for my 3rd set to try to correct my form.

Ok, form correct on the 3rd set. Bumped up to 105#, and on my 4th set, I started doing that funny back thing. Can't even really describe it. It was like my back was rounding, but didn't feel like rounding per say. Like I said, hard to describe. So, at this point I am feeling pretty let down. I am not having problems with the weight. The weight itself is easy. Not quite sure why my form is breaking down. So, I drop back down to 95# to finish the workout on a good note.

Seriously, not sure why my form was not there today. I am so embarrassed that I didn't even post my weight on the blog. I feel like I am starting back over again. Just being that girl who was never good at anything. Granted, that feeling went away when my logical side kicked it again. It's just hard sometimes. There isn't anyone working out with me. It's just me, all by myself. But I think back and remember all the friends that I've made back at CFDC, and I am not really alone. Just temporarily by myself.

Well, after my not so good WOD I went and did the aqua fit class. This one was so much better than the first class. She actually worked us! So much for this being my cool down. Win for the day, 2 hours of working out! Then I went and laid in the sun for 2 to clean the much to do on my day off!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry guys, I have been kinda lax on posting. But I did work out Friday and today.

WOD for 8-7-2009
Overhead squats

It's been a LONG time since I've done OHS. I looked back when the last time I did OHS and it was when we did the 4 sets of 15. I managed to get 45# all 15 times. I was working out alone, so I was kinda nervous because there weren't any coaches there to make sure that I was doing it right. So, I took it kinda easy to see where I was at. I did:


I probably could have done 70#, but when I got up to 65# my arms started getting shaky and I started to go forward on the squats. And as Koy says, you have to know your body. I really didn't want to go heavier and possibly hurt myself. So, for my last two reps, I really worked on form and next time I will get at least 75# if not more!

While I was doing my OHS, I noticed something extremely concerning. There was a trainer working with a client and they were doing deadlifts. The guy who was deadlifting was totally rounding his back! And the trainer wasn't saying a word! I should have spoken up. But the guy wasn't paying me to coach him. And then I was thinking that I shouldn't piss the staff off since I was working out there. Note to self, next time I see that trainer teaching him wrong, will speak up.

After the OHS, my friend Amber from work came up to the gym and we did 2 miles on the elliptical. In the past, I used to hate the elliptical, but now, I have come to a love-hate relationship with it. I am starting to enjoy my time on it. I get 20 or so minutes on it and have time to just blank out, listen to my music and get a nice warm up, and a nice cool down. It actually relaxes me.

WOD for 8-9-2009
Ring Dips
Knee Push Ups

Thanks to Carrie's Blog, I found out what CFDC did for the Saturday workout. Funny thing is, I have been thinking about doing J.T. for a few days, and since CFDC did it, I went ahead and did it. I couldn't remember what my time was for this the last time I did it, and forgot to look it up. I was hoping for about 11 minutes. That sounded reasonable to me.

I used 15# DB for the shoulder press and the ring dip machine for my substitution, and of course knee push ups (sometimes, I feel like I will be doing these for the rest of my life). I almost did the first set of presses unbroken, but had to stop at rep 16 due to me slacking on form. Dips were another story all together. I only seemed to be able to do 5 in a row. Push ups went well. I got to 15 before I needed to stop and shake my arms out. Last time I did J.T. when I got to my push ups, I went to do my first one and my arms just collapsed! LOL. So, an improvement from last time.

Time: 9:40

Time from last J.T. on 3-12-09: 16:59

Wow! I totally cut off about 6 minutes off my previous time! Woo hoo! Even though I did a good job, there was a lot of room for improvement. I took a couple of breathing breaks in between movements. And I am still not able to finish a set unbroken. If I can do that, I really think I can cut off about 40 seconds off my time. New goal: J.T. 9 minutes or less!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Days!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I thought about it, and just never got around to it.

Work was crazy in Allen! It began as a nice slow morning, and then the doctor I was working with, actually said it was slow! Rule #1 of being in the ER...never ever say SLOW! The shit will hit the fan, and it will get crazy! Low and behold...what happens? You guessed it, it got crazy! Our simple anxiety chick ended up having a psychotic break. And people just kept coming in, and we didn't have rooms...yadda yadda....just a busy day. By the time I finally got off, honestly, I didn't feel like working out let alone doing 100 thrusters. But, I did go work out. I just didn't do the workout of the day. I did 1.5 miles on the elliptical. Then did 100 leg presses. I did 10 sets of 10, increasing in weight with each set. I did: 180-185-190-195-200-205-210-215-220-240. Legs felt like jello after this. Then, I did 3 rounds of: 5 pull ups 5 dips. Then did ab work. Fun stuff! Felt so much better after working out!

Unscheduled rest day. My mom came into Dallas to come see me. We went and saw Harry Potter (I've already seen it, but she was begging me to take her!). Had a great yummy lunch at Pei Wei. Ate all of the meat, but maybe only 2 bites of the rice. Maybe if I was going to work out, then I would have eaten more of the rice. Then, we went to Costco. I've never been to Costco, so it was fun! I kept looking at things, and going wow...such a good deal. I got this HUGE thing of almond butter for $5.99. The smallest jar I've ever been able to find costs that much. So, I had to get a jar even though I already had some at home. Never hurts to stock up! It was just nice to enjoy a day off with my mom! :)

Back at work...yay Plano! I missed being back at Plano. Of all the hospitals I work at, this is where I am most comfortable. Anyway, I knew I was going to be busy today. The doctor I was with texted me the day before telling me that we didn't have any PA coverage for our shift. So, for the first 6 hours, we were all alone. Day began with a CPR! Haven't seen a CPR in a while, so it was nice for a change. Sorry to say, the woman didn't make it. But then again, at least 90% of the people who come in with CPR will not make it. Day was actually going pretty well, until about 1 hour before we got the next doctor. About that time, we had like 5 ambulances and then had to take care of the people that were already there. We had a couple of people with an irregular heart rhythm at the same time, so kinda hectic making sure that every one's orders got done. So, today's workout was supposed to run 400m x 6. Well, to be completely honest, treadmills scare me. I am paranoid that I am going to trip and fall on face (probably because I have done that before...seriously...) So, I calculated how far that would actually be, and it comes out to being about 1.5 miles. I did 2 miles in 20 minutes with variable resistance and cross ramp. Then, I did 3 rounds: 5 pull ups, 5 ring dips. After that some ab work.

I know that I am not suffering as much as my fellow crossfitters, but the old me..would have just not worked out after such stressful work days. The old me would have gone home, laid on the couch, watched TV, and have eaten something bad. CrossFit has changed me. I enjoy working out. I have developed a passion for it. So, yes, I may not be doing what you guys are doing, but I am still working out. And I would much rather do something than nothing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Week, New Beginning

WOD for 8-3-2009

100 push ups for time.

Ok, so the original WOD was 100 push ups for time, and every time you stopped, run 400m. I knew that I would have had to modify this because I didn't really have any idea of where 400m run would be in an gym. There wasn't really any room to run on the treadmill after doing push ups, and the rowers were both taken. SO, I just decided to do the 100 push ups, and then do some elliptical work. Not as exciting, but still kinda doing the same thing.

I did the elliptical work first. I did a little over a mile in about 11 minutes. I started doing tabata style on the elliptical for the last 3 minutes. That made it a little more interesting. After that, I went and did my 100 push ups. Don't really know my exact time, because I left my timer at home, so I was working off my phone. It was somewhere around 5 minutes. So, if you add both of my times, you get approximately 16 minutes of working out. That seems to make sense for this WOD for me.

Oh, on another random note....Crossfit has seriously been paying off! Everyone at work keeps telling me how great I look, and that I am like a whole new person! *Big Grin*

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: a couple of bites of scrambled eggs, bacon, 1/2c yogurt
Lunch: Salad, peanuts
Dinner: chicken breast cooked in olive oil, diced sweet potatoes, almonds, peach
Total Water Intake: 2.5L

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Changing Things Up

Had a day off yesterday! Woo hoo! I had planned to workout in the morning and then lay out by the pool...what a way to spend my day off.

So, I begun my day off at the gym. Worked out by myself since Kelsey was at work. I did a mile and a half on the ellipitcal. Fun (yeah right). And then, I went to an Aqua aerobics class. I have never done one and have always wanted to try it. Well, it was interesting to say that least. I was the youngest person there, and the thinnest. It was a group of older heavier women. Had a great instructor. She was nice and funny. Overall, I enjoyed it. I think I might go to another class, but only as a 50 minute cool down. I don't know if my heart rate came closer to maximum like with a CF workout. But I wanted to try something new. Constantly varied functional movements right? Isn't that the CF motto?

I am feeling some tightness in my upper shoulders today, which could have been from the class. Who knows? It was nice to see heavier people doing the workout. Shows that they are trying to get healthier. Now, can we get the rest of the obese population to do this?