Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My poor beautiful hands!

So, I went to another class. Went to a Friday class. And to be honest, the only reason I picked this class was because of the pull ups. I have been wanting to improve on my pull ups since making the decision to come back to Crossfit. If I would have known what this workout would have done to my hands, I would have substituted things from the start!

Pull ups
Sit ups
Overhead lunges (used a 10# medicine ball)

Well, the hands started ripping during the set of 18. And then they finished ripping at the set of 15. I had to stop doing pull ups and substituted jumping pull ups. Sit ups were sit ups. :) I used a 10# medicine ball for the lunges. Those were killer! My arms were dead! But I finished with a time of 21:11! My goal was just to finish and I did!

However, the problem with finishing was my poor hands!

So, after this workout, I have come to the conclusion that I am banning pull ups for the rest of my career! LOL. My other hand looked just as horrible as this one. I will still do some pull ups, but I can't do a WOD like this at this current time. My hands are my life. My hands start IV's, do foleys, undress people, clean patients, give out stickers and Popsicles, hold hands, and give hugs. My hands are so important and I have to take care of them.

I think what I am going to need to do is use Crossfit for strength training and start running to help slim me down. I hate running. Not going to lie, it is not fun for me. But when we have been doing the 400m run warm ups at Crossfit, I can make it through. So I downloaded the couch to 5K app for my iPhone, and I want to start running. I want to do a mud run. I am excited. It is time to start my new life. And commit to the Paleo diet! Paleo cookie recipe was a success! Now to make more tasty things!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shoulder Fatigue is the worst

Well, I finally sucked it up and did it. I may be short on money for a while, but I did it. I signed up for a 10 class card at Crossfit Deep/Uptown. I went to the Thursday WOD at Uptown. It is actually a lot closer to my house than Deep is. And I in love with the small classes! It was just me and two other guys.



After each set of 3, immediately perform 3 dips.


3 Rounds
10 Press (50% of weight used above)
10 Box Jumps
10 Bar-Touch Burpees (Touch pullup bar on each burpee)

Time: 7:16 (Damn you burpees!)

So, with the press, it was not the prettiest. Working set:


45# was heavy, and was able to do one set, but couldn't even do a second set. Then had to drop down for the 4th set, and again for the 3rd set. Mixed emotions. It's starting all over again. When I first started crossfit, I did shoulder press with only the PVC pipe. And now starting back over again, I am at least doing 45#. It can only improve! Hopefully it won't be long until I am back to what my max was. And this time I am trying to be more committed to the Paleo diet. It is hard, and we are trying to find recipes that we both like. Hopefully it won't take us too long to convert over, but we are doing it gradually. Oh, and *MAJOR* win on the ring dips! I started off using the green band for the ring dips, and well, I had to switch to the BLUE band to do them! :) I was never able to do the blue band before, and now I can! I think a good part of that is that I lost so much weight that with the green band it just doesn't go down. But I am very happy that I can do ring dips with a harder band.

The second part....wasn't that much fun at all! LOL. I did 20# for the push press, box step ups, and knee push up burpees. Burpees slow me down! I hated them before, and I don't think I will ever come to love them. For one, I get really light headed doing them. I have a problem with orthostatic hypotension. I get dizzy and can almost pass out if I get up too quickly from the couch. I have actually passed out twice from doing this. I didn't have this problem before the weight loss. I am going to go to my doctor once school is out and get a physical and see if there is a reason for this. I never had this problem when I did crossfit the first time.

Overall, it is fun to be back! Not sure what my regular days will be. Will just depend on what is going on with work/school/life!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Week

Last week I went to another CFD workout. It was fun. :)

AMRAP in 12 minutes
3 cleans
6 pull ups
9 box jumps

I wanted to do this workout because I have been dying to do pull ups for a while. :) I want to do pull ups? Sounds crazy right? But I wanted to see what I could do. I ended up just doing the bar for the cleans. Legs were still weak from the previous two workouts. It was still challenging for me in the later rounds. I did the green band for the pull ups. And surprisingly, I was doing well at them. I managed to do most of them chest to bar. I could probably do a smaller band for a few of the pull ups, but not for the entire workout. And for the box jumps, I did the 12 inch box. I ended up doing step ups. I could do one or two actually jumping, but visions of Sandy falling over the box kept coming into my head. So I just did step ups.

I managed to do 6 full rounds, and finished my 3 cleans. Not too shabby for coming back. I hope to be able to do this workout again.

Now Phoenix and I are trying to figure out how I am going to pay/go to Crossfit. It still may have to wait until school is out, but I am glad that I got a taste back.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Been A Long Time Coming!

Well my friends, I finally got to do a couple of Crossfit WODs. And let's just say.....I'm exhausted. Friday night, Phoenix had to work late. So I decided that I was not going to sit at home and wait for him. So I texted Mel, and decided to go for Friday's night class.

3 rounds for time:
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Deadlifts
50 Double Unders

I knew going into this that it was not going to be the prettiest workout. Squats (especially Front squats) have been a weakness of mine. Power cleans and deadlifts I was not worried about. I ended up using 52# for the lifts. I know that I could have done more on the power cleans and deadlifts, but stupid front squats. I looked back, and 2 years ago I could do 100# on front squat, and now....half that. Kind of depressing. I had to substitute 2x for the double unders, but I finished in a decent time of 5:47. I didn't have to do any burpee penalties because I didn't let go of the bar. I was determined not to!

Saturday comes, and I am sore. It was a struggle to get out of bed. But I did. This workout was not fun. I did enjoy Friday's workout, but today. Ug. I really really did not like it at all. It wasn't that bad. I just came close to throwing up several times. And my legs were like jello.

In 12 minutes with a partner (completing everything together with no separating out reps)
30 air squats
100m shuttle run
15 push ups
100m shuttle run

My partner and I were only able to complete 3 full sets.

Reading it, it isn't a difficult workout. I was having so many problems with the squats, and then combined with the extreme just wasn't happening. :( I had to scale back the squats to 15 during my last set. I am sure that 98% of this was mental, but I just couldn't get it together.

After examining these past two workouts, I am left with conflicting emotions. I missed the training so much, but I feel like I am back at square one. True, I haven't been training in two years, but still is hard to see how much I have regressed. I hate feeling like the worst, and I am surrounded by all these women who are so much tinier than I am, and I feel like the fat kid back in elementary school. I have to keep reminding myself that I lost over 30 pounds over a year ago, and have kept every bit of that off. But I feel like I am at a crossroads. I want so much to come back, but I feel like I have no self confidence in myself. I truly hate not being good at something, and well....I am right back to where I started. And all my CF friends remember how good I used to be, and where I am now is no where near where I was back then. I feel that when I start coming back there will be added pressure on me to preform to where I was, not where I am now. I am just so conflicted. I want to go, but absolutely hate scaling back reps and weight because it makes me feel not good enough. Again, I know this is all mental, but it is hard to get through those emotions. And on top of everything else I have going on, it just seems like too much and I don't know what to do or where to go. :(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!


Hope that everyone had a great holiday! I have been working a lot and just enjoying being home with Phoenix. I worked on Christmas (by choice) and then we went to my parent's house the day after. We had a great lunch with my parents and met my mom's cousin from Michigan. He is a traveling nurse and just happens to be working at my hospital in a different unit. He seems nice, but was obviously uncomfortable when he found out that Phoenix was carrying his hand gun. Oh well.

I didn't expect anything from Phoenix since he doesn't really celebrate this holiday, but he surprised me. A few days after Christmas, I came home from work and there was a gift card to the App Store, which didn't make sense because I don't have an iPhone. So, I opened the card.....

Now, the phone is freaking amazing and I am trying to figure out how I EVER survived without it. LOL. But for me, the real present was just the fact that he called me the "Love of his Life". It is so amazing to have someone tell you that. :)

New Year's was quiet. We just had a nice dinner out and then came home and enjoyed the time just us. Would have been nice to have seen some friends, but he's my best friend, so I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It is less than 2 weeks before I begin my FINAL semester of nursing school! Ah! I am almost done with this hell that I have been in for the past 2 years. We can't wait!

I hope that everyone has had a great Holiday! And it is time to get back into the swing of things! It sounds like 2011 is going to be a great year!