Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break

Finals are over! I can breathe! I made it through all of my finals, and made all A's! :) I got the highest grade in my pharm class, which means I can do pharm tutoring next semester. It has been a long semester! Thank you guys for standing by me. It would have been more difficult without your love and support.

Orientation for my new job is on January 4th. :) I am not sure when I am doing my first CareFlite rideout, but that will be sometime in January as well. Like I said, it just feels like everything is falling into place!

Yesterday, I did a mile warm up, and then did CrossFit Deeps Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Set was:
45 x 5, 50 x 3, 55 x 3, 65 x 3, 70 x 3, 75 x3, 80 x3

Almost didn't get that last one on the 80#, but I managed to lock it out! :)

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Holiday Season! Don't eat too many cookies! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Feel Like I Am Where I Am Supposed to Be

Do you ever get that feeling that you are FINALLY where you are supposed to be? I had a horrible week last week, still don't know the results of the biopsy, but one day at a time. And today, have had such great news that it is freaking awesome!

Before I started nursing school, one of the nurse managers at Presby Dallas told me that when I finish my first semester of school to call her and they would try to get me a job. So, finals are next week, and I call her up. Today, I had an interview for a nurse extern position. Well, I got it! Funny thing is, they have to go and create the position (They have had them before, but don't really have a spot for me). They are going to email me when the job is posted, talk to HR and tell them that the job is for me! I get this job for 1.5 years (It's only until I finish nursing school). Then I apply for the internship, and then start working at Presby Dallas. They like to hire from within (hence the fact that I am getting a special job just for me and even if other people apply for it, they don't get it!) So, I have pretty much just got my ER job lined up for when I graduate school! I am the first person in my class to get an externship, and probably the only person to have a job lined up for when I get out! :) This takes sooo much stress off of me! I can just relax, and pass my classes now! :)

Sometimes, it feels like things aren't supposed to go your way for a reason. I much rather preferred an externship at Presby Plano, but the nurse manager there said she wasn't sure she could get it. Oh well. I got one anyway. Oh, and another thing that is great about PHD....I was talking to the nurse manager that I want to do CareFlite Nursing (You know, the nurses that ride around in helicopters and save lives....) and they have a way to help get me in with them. I have to be a nurse for 5 years before I can even apply, so I will be with them for a while, but they know the people and can get me on track with the right path and way to go about getting that dream a reality! So, even though I didn't get the place where I originally wanted to go, I guess everything works out for a reason, and I am where I am supposed to be!

Friday, December 4, 2009


It's been a while since I posted, so here is a quick update.

Monday: Day before my presentation. Wow...getting nervous. So, I am running through my presentation with my partner, with NO ONE in the room...I start freaking out. Yeah...not a good sign. Hoping I will be able to make it through the next day!
Tuesday: Presentation day! Well, I didn't pass out or have a seizure. So that was a good thing. I gave my presentation twice. I ended up talking really fast and talking with my hands. But I got through it. It was all worth it. After the presentation, one of my classmates came up to me and told me that my presentation really touched him. He was already thinking about doing hospice care, but he really liked the idea of pediatric hospice, and he would love to do that. Dinner with my teachers was a lot of fun. It was nice to see them outside of school, and more like real people.
Wednesday: Had my assessment check off. It went smoothly. Passed with 100%. Then I went to the gym and did my pharm reading on the elliptical. It took me 40 minutes to read all the notes, but I did 3.07 miles while doing it.
Thursday: Had Concepts check off. For this checkoff, we had to draw a number out of a bowl, and then go perform a procedure. If you would have asked me two weeks ago what number I was going to draw, I would have told you Sterile Wet to Dry Dressing change. I even told my teacher I was going to pull that. And what do I pull? Sterile Wet to Dry Dressing change. So, I did my procedure, passed with 100%. Woo hoo! SO...I get home, and I get a call from my GYN and I am finally getting my results back on my pap smear. It's abnormal. I tested positive for HPV high risk. And if you know anything about HPV, it is a precursor for cervical cancer. So, yeah...I am kinda freaking out.
Friday: I go in after work for my biopsy. Kinda hard to sit here all day and not think about it. But hopefully everything will be okay. If I do have it, well, it will be easy to fix. But still scared. So, that's my update for the week. Hope everyone else is having a great day.