Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting News!

Ok, before I talk about my exciting news, updates on my workouts. Got busy, and couldn't make it to the gym as much as I wanted to this week, but what can I do? Life tends to get in the way. Still doing my fun elliptical work, here were my times

Monday: 24 minutes: 1.80 miles
Saturday: 25:55 Minutes: 2 miles
Sunday: 30 minutes: 2.17 miles, 100 sit ups, bench press, 45# x 10, 55# x10, 60#x10, 65# x6

Ok, so now for the fun stuff. So, every semester, TWU puts on a conference, and J1's can submit an abstract and get a chance to present at this conference. Well, my friend and I submitted an abstract and we got picked! 20 abstracts were submitted and only 5 are chosen. We are super thrilled! We are just excited about the perks of this! We get 5 free questions on both our Assessment and Concepts final, $25 gift card, some nursing handbook, and dinner with our instructors! Oh, and we don't have to participate in a different speaking assignment. Which both of our topics sucked balls and we didn't want to do them!

So, what is our topic? The topic is about pediatric hospices. I had the opportunity to visit one in Australia and it was one of the only things I remember from the medical aspect of the trip. This center touched me in a way that I can't even explain. So, yeah, I am really excited to be presenting on this topic. Interestingly enough, the idea hasn't taken off in the States. There isn't even one in Texas, and we are a HUGE state!

My presentation is on December 1. Which leaves me plenty of time to prepare and get over my fear of public speaking!


  1. Nice, Amy! That's exciting! Let me know if you need an audience to do a test run on..maybe we could couple it with a quick workout :)

  2. Congrats, Amy! That's so wonderful. :) And good for you for keeping up with blogging. I have been so lax about it. :( I'll try to be better come winter because I'll have a nice long break from grad school. We'll see...anyway, I'm proud of you for your accomplishment!

  3. Thanks guys! Oh, I will need practice! I am so scared of public speaking!

  4. I totally understand..I was always terrified of it too..but practiced a lot at work. It's all about confidence. I know you'll do awesome. Seriously let me know if you want to meet up one evening and run through it!

  5. Thanks! I will take you up on that! Maybe get ice cream or something horrible for us afterwards! :)

  6. How did your presentation go Amy? I'm sure you did awesome!