Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time flies!

Hey everyone. Again, sorry for the lack of updates. I really didn't think that you guys want to know about what I am learning in school. Granted, I am planning on doing a sleep fitness blog next time I get more than 10 minutes to write something.

So, I am halfway through week #3 of school. Just 12 more weeks left of this semester. Yes, I have started the countdown already. Kinda scary to think that in about 20 months, I will have another degree and actually get to do something professionally and be a productive member of society. Ahh...this whole being an adult...when did this happen?

Week One...kinda boring. I learned a bunch of stuff that I already knew.
Week Two...still learning some things that I already knew, but now we threw in how to take manual blood pressures. I started out a little rough, but I have the hang of it. Or at least I can do it well enough to pass my check off. I am having some difficulties with school. Not the actual work, just going through this and knowing that half the stuff I learn I will not be doing when I am actually working. Like manual BPs. Come on, when have you gone to a hospital and actually had your blood pressure taken by hand? I know in the ER we don't do it. You don't have time to do a two-step blood pressure on every patient that you have. It's just not possible. I had my first Pharm quiz this week, and woo both questions right! Starting to relax a little when it comes to pharm, but not much. I still feel like this will be my hardest class. There is so much information and so much about drugs that they want us to learn. But we do get some pretty good pneumonics to remember 2-Cocks (COX) are bad, and 1-Cock (COX) is good. I swear that this has use, and I am not making it up. Or like the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) really stands for "Piss N Shit". I can tell you more if you like to clarify this.
Week Three: Ahh...the stress is starting to kick in a little bit. I had to get fingerprinted for my nursing license this week. Kinda cool. Things are starting to become a reality that this is going to actually happen. They also took a HORRIBLE mug shot. We weren't allowed to smile or anything. :( I pray that no one ever sees that picture. It almost scared me! I realize that my first set of tests is next week. But I am using me, "I am going to do the best I am going to do, and not freak out" attitude that I developed over the summer. I just have to take each day as it comes. This week, I am learning how to assess the head and its features. Fun fun! I know, you guys are just sitting by the seat of your pants in all the excitement! LOL.

This past Sunday, I went and did a Body Works class at LA Fitness just to see what it was all about. I must say, that for the next two days, I could have sworn I had done a CF workout. My thighs were killing me. We didn't do anything too taxing, just a bunch of air squats and some arm work. As I was going through class, I was looking around at the other women, and they were ALL doing squats wrong! I may need some help in changing their positions on the squats! It may take some work. But you guys will be proud that I did all of my air squats correctly! :)

I have been doing fairly well on my diet, except for breakfast. Breakfast is my weakness, I must admit. Trying to be good and eat more egg whites, but some mornings, you wake up and you just want a pancake! I make lunch everyday, so it is very Zone friendly. Usually ends up being a chicken breast, some type of nut, fruit, and a yogurt.

Well, it is off to Assessment. I will keep you guys posted!


  1. Nice job, Amy! Thanks for the update :)

    I say, approach the whole blood pressure thing like you would Crossfit (just like everything in life should be approached! lol). Yes in our nice technologically advanced hospitals you will never have to take manual blood pressure...but, when you are driving around Dallas and you see someone struggling on the side of the road and all you have is your stethoscope, you will be glad you know how to manually take blood pressure. Or when you are volunteering in Kenya, I'm sure they will not have the latest tools at hand :)

    I love your attitude, keeping things in perspective, and taking it one day at a's a good lesson for all of us..keep it up!

  2. Great to see a post from you! Sounds like things are going well.

    I second the manual blood pressure thing - I get worked up in doctors' offices and hospitals and sometimes have abnormally high blood pressure, and people have taken it manually to make sure something's not wrong with the machine! So, you never know when you will question machines and want to rely on yourself.

    You do have an excellent attitude! Good luck!

  3. Sandy and Jamie already said it all for me! Glad to see you're still doing well! That would have bugged me about those people doing the air squats incorrectly and the person leading the class not correcting them--improper form will hamper their progress and fitness, right? Ah well, maybe you can subtly call it to the instructor's attention sometime. Great job on your workout and on your diet!

  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support more than you know. I know that I can get through this, but knowing that I can call you guys up anytime (well almost anytime, I do like to sleep late at night) and you will be there to listen, or to go get ice cream with, just takes a lot of stress off of me. I am so thankful that CFDC introduced me to such amazing friends! :)