Monday, September 7, 2009

Trying to Figure it All Out

Well, I have officially survived my first week of school! My anxiety has decreased, but the work load has increased. Every night before bed, I read my Pharm notes. Sad huh? Oh well. I think that Pharm will be my hardest class. The other classes feel like common sense to me. I don't know if it is common sense, or I have just been around this information for so long that it is second nature to me. We will see as these next two years progress.

As for excuses. I only worked out on Thursday and Today (Monday). I had good intentions, but then something always came up. Like the notes for the next lecture got posted, so I decided to go through them, define the terms, and read them to prepare for the quizzes. Then I had to read chapters for Fundamentals. Which took FOREVER. Seriously...I can only read about how to use cruthces for so long before I go bonkers. Things like that, while not hard concepts, and I could probably get by with not reading it, but I have to read it. :( I might freak out.

So, Thursday, I attended the Aqua Fit Class with the CrossFit type instructor. She makes us do the length of the pool in a 5-4-3-2-1 lap type regimen, after each round, you do 10 push ups, and each set has a different way to get across the pool. It's actually really fun because I try to be competitive and beat the others. Doesn't always work because I am in the deeper end of the pool, and the deeper you get, the harder it is. Today, I went to my very first step class. Wow...that was different. Not overly challenging in terms of movements, but it shows exactly how uncoordinated I am sometimes. :) Over an hour of constantly moving and sweating. I might do this class again, will have to see if I can bring some friends to suffer with me. :)

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