Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Feel Like I Am Where I Am Supposed to Be

Do you ever get that feeling that you are FINALLY where you are supposed to be? I had a horrible week last week, still don't know the results of the biopsy, but one day at a time. And today, have had such great news that it is freaking awesome!

Before I started nursing school, one of the nurse managers at Presby Dallas told me that when I finish my first semester of school to call her and they would try to get me a job. So, finals are next week, and I call her up. Today, I had an interview for a nurse extern position. Well, I got it! Funny thing is, they have to go and create the position (They have had them before, but don't really have a spot for me). They are going to email me when the job is posted, talk to HR and tell them that the job is for me! I get this job for 1.5 years (It's only until I finish nursing school). Then I apply for the internship, and then start working at Presby Dallas. They like to hire from within (hence the fact that I am getting a special job just for me and even if other people apply for it, they don't get it!) So, I have pretty much just got my ER job lined up for when I graduate school! I am the first person in my class to get an externship, and probably the only person to have a job lined up for when I get out! :) This takes sooo much stress off of me! I can just relax, and pass my classes now! :)

Sometimes, it feels like things aren't supposed to go your way for a reason. I much rather preferred an externship at Presby Plano, but the nurse manager there said she wasn't sure she could get it. Oh well. I got one anyway. Oh, and another thing that is great about PHD....I was talking to the nurse manager that I want to do CareFlite Nursing (You know, the nurses that ride around in helicopters and save lives....) and they have a way to help get me in with them. I have to be a nurse for 5 years before I can even apply, so I will be with them for a while, but they know the people and can get me on track with the right path and way to go about getting that dream a reality! So, even though I didn't get the place where I originally wanted to go, I guess everything works out for a reason, and I am where I am supposed to be!


  1. Congratulations! I definitely agree with that philosophy, and I think you're going to do great. It reminds me of a nurse friend of mine who graduates tomorrow and wanted a job at Baylor Dallas, but Baylor Irving came calling, so she'll be working there!

  2. Amy, that is so awesome! I'm so happy for you! and from what I hear, Presby Dallas is way more fun and hard core anyway :) My push would be for you to go into wherever you could treat me, but I guess that's not happening...I always get soo annoyed at my nurses and think of you and how lucky your patients will be one day! That must feel great to have it all fall into place..Congrats!

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, Dallas is higher up on the trauma scale. It's just a little farther from my house, but it will be okay. All of my Dallas friends are excited, and it will be nice. They have already started telling to get ready to come do their work! LOL. Where do you go Sandy? You are still supposed to let me know when you go and get transfused! I want to sit with you! :) You guys are the best, and I couldn't have asked for better friends!!