Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'd Rather Hurt Than Feel Nothing At All....

This week has been fun...I think. LOL. It has been a long week. Worked 30 hours at the hospital this week. Ended up hurting my wrist pushing tubs of lard (Ok, not really tubs of lard but patients that weighed between 400 & 500 pounds!) So, doing the workout today was kinda tough.

The WOD was a variation of Fight Gone Bad in North Park Mall. I thought it was a lot of fun doing a workout in the mall. Not something that we get to do everyday. There were 8 stations:

Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Swings
Air Squats
Sit ups

We did each station twice. Somehow, I got confused in the heat and ended up skipping a row. Oh well. Still had fun, and I think I got a good workout. The Mountain Climbers and Burpees killed my wrist. I am not much of a complainer about pain, so I don't mind that. It just really hurt when you have to support all your weight on your wrists. Oh well. I have my wrist in an ACE wrap (Phoenix helped).

Oddly enough, I missed having Phoenix there with me. And yes, I understand that we live together, and see each other every day (well, the few hours he is home at night after work). But with him there, I push myself just a little harder because I want him to be impressed with all I can do with Crossfit. Not that you ladies don't push me as well, you do. I don't know. Guess I just like having him around. :)

It was of course great seeing you again Carrie! We will need pool time too! Jamie, you are looking great! Good job on the In House Challenge! Thank you ladies for always being there for me! I am so lucky to have such great friends! (And Lindsey, if you are reading this too, you are awesome! We will be back to Deep soon!)


  1. LOL @ tubs of lard but not at your hurting your wrist trying to get them onto gurneys!!!

    I know what you mean about missing certain people working out with you--they just know how to push you just with their presence. You could make Phoenix do the WOD and do it again with him? hehe I'm so happy for you that it's working out well with the living together!

    It was great to see you and workout with you again! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, girl. And I'll send you a detailed message on FB about kitty-sitting sometime today or tomorrow. Gotta coordinate key/garage gate remote, too!

  2. Wrist is feeling much better today. BUT...I have to go to work today so, I am thinking the wrist will start hurting again. Nursing is such a dangerous profession! LOL.

  3. That wod at the mall sounds fun! I do hope you'll be back to CFDE again. I'm so glad everything is going well with you and Phoenix living together. Talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks, Amy! You look great too, and it was nice to see you after it had been so long!