Friday, June 4, 2010

School's Out For the Summer!!!!

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that guys. Not that I haven't wanted to post, just haven't had much to say. I missed Crossfit last Saturday because I had to work in the morning. And I feel like I am getting a workout with all of this moving that I am doing. Going up and down my three flights of stairs, and then going up another set of stairs when I get to Phoenix's place. Granted, I realize it is not the same. But it will have to do for now.

Today I went to yoga. Yay yoga! I have missed it over the past few weeks. I always mean to go, but then one thing or another gets in the way. I really want to go to Crossfit tomorrow, but I am not thinking that I am going to make it. Phoenix and I are both working on Sunday. He has a another project that is supposed to go live a week from Monday. And the team is not where they need to be. So, he will need to relax a bit on Sunday before he starts a 6 day work week with 10-12 hour shifts. Then he is leaving Friday to go back home to Michigan for his sister's graduation. He had originally planned to go back on the bike, but it just won't work out. So, instead of us doing our errands on Sunday like we normally do, we will be doing them on Saturday.

Oh, we set a date for me to go back to Michigan to meet his parents and family. His little brother Sam recently got engaged, and his parents are throwing an engagement party in August, and so we will be going. Yay! I am wicked nervous. Granted, I know they will love me, but I can still be a little nervous.

On a different note, I am planning on going to the CFDC mall workout. It just seems like fun to go do a crossfit workout in the mall. Anyone else going so I am not all alone? :) Hope everyone has been having a good week and you are enjoying this nice weather and getting some pool time in!


  1. Yay for school being out!!! So where will you and Phoenix be living?

    I am definitely going to the mall WOD, so I will see you there! Carrie said something on the blog about it, so she might be going, too.

  2. Yay! Company! Phoenix and I are living at his apartment up in Plano. Then when his lease is up in November, we are looking for someplace in the Irving/Las Colinas area which is closer to his work. I am excited! But none of our friends live out that way, so we will either have to make friends with neighbors, or do a lot of traveling.

  3. Oh I'm totally going to the Park WOD--can't wait!!! I'm hoping some of my friends who are interested in CF will show up, too. That'll be a great intro to it for them. Either way, it's going to be fun!! Glad you and Jamie are both going!

    You're going to charm Phoenix's family, so don't worry! :) Just be your lovely, witty, darling self. It'll be great to see you next weekend!!! Yogurtland? Yogurtland?! Hehe, I haven't been back since we went that last time. Hm, y'all need to eventually come to Dallas! ;) Looking forward to seeing y'all, and we definitely need to have some pool time in July. I'll be in class, but I will take some time for quality PT.

  4. That's a nice area! It's not too far out from Dallas, either. Looking forward to seeing you both Saturday!

  5. We could do yogurtland after Carrie, but I have to leave at 12. I have someone coming to look at the couch at 12:30. Working on selling the stuff that we don't want. :)

    Yes! Pool time!! One day we might come to Dallas, just depends on his work.

    Is it time for Saturday yet? I am ready!!!

  6. Cool! Oh, that's aight, I gotta be somewhere at 1 anyway, for class. We'll go to Yogurtland some other time and when I actually have money! :/ Kason leaves tomorrow, so I'm kinda bummed...hopefully a good weekend of WODing will help cure that. See you soon!

    Jamie - It'll be so fun to workout with you on Saturday!!!