Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday weekend!

Weekly update! :)

This week has felt like it went on and on! And it seems like last Monday was so long ago, I can barely remember what I did. Maybe I am getting old at 25. Oh well.

Phoenix had Friday and Monday off, but of course, I worked both days. That's fine, he needed the time off to relax.

Saturday: We just did our weekly grocery shopping trip. We had made plans to go to Kaboom town, but of course...the weather wanted to rain. So instead, we had a nice quiet evening at home. I made homemade fajitas, shared a vanilla fruit tart from La Madeline, and watched James Bond (he picked out the movie...of course).

Sunday: Where to begin with this day? For our friends BBQ, I was supposed to bring a fruit and a dessert, which of course was going to be my awesome banana split cake. Well, I go to get the fruit prepared and sliced, and the kiwi's aren't ripe nor are the peaches. frustrating. I finish the fruit salad, and then go to make the banana split cake. This time, I was trying to make it healthier, so I was going to use fat free cream cheese. Yeah....that didn't work out so well. Instead of being creamy and yummy, it was chunky. Word to the wise, never use fat free cream cheese and powdered sugar. The result is not yummy and creamy. Phoenix saved the day, and went to the store and bought me the reduced fat kind, which turned out beautifully. When we got to our friends' house, turns out, they burned the ribs. So, it wasn't just me that had a bad cooking day yesterday. The food was yummy, and I had a few glasses of homemade sangria...yum. And then some pool time. We tried to all go out to a firework show, but couldn't find one in the area online. So, we left, and I was kinda disappointed that I wouldn't get to see fireworks this year, but driving home we saw some go off in the distance. So, I pulled into a school parking lot, and we went and sat on some bleachers and watched the end of the show. A great end to an interesting holiday weekend. And then I get home, and pass out. :)

And so today begins another week. I only have to work one day this week, and then have the rest of the week to clean my old place. Friday begins my motorcycle lessons! :) And then I plan on next week going home to Greenville during the day, get my car inspected and pass my written test for my motorcycle license! is new jacket and helmet time! Can't wait! :) Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hehe, great story about the fat free cream cheese! The consistency is just not the same as the fully loaded kind, is it? Glad Phoenix saved the day, though! It sounds like you had a good holiday weekend--I'm glad! Hope your week's going well so far. I'm starting to freak out about all my assignments already...not a good start to the week or my new class.

  2. It is a lot funnier now than it was when it actually happened! And the 1/3 less fat cream cheese works just as great as the full fat stuff. So, I just don't know!

    Don't freak out about your assignments. What good does that do you besides stress you out and make you cranky? Just remember to breathe, and there is always Yogurtland for when you get too stressed out!

    Can't wait for our lunch date tomorrow! :)

  3. Yeah, you're right, Amy--I'm starting to calm down more and getting focused on my work. I think I do it to myself when I look at the discussion boards and see all of the posts my colleagues have already made when I haven't even begun my assignments. I gotta stop doing that! Hehe, yes, there is Yogurtland. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!