Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 1 of New Diet day one...not as hard as I thought. Maybe it was because when I looked in the mirror this morning, all I saw was this fat cow in teal scrubs (Let me tell you....teal is not my color).

I had my first Medifast meal of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. Actually, wasn't half bad. I was surprised. Now, with Medifast, you are supposed to eat every 2 hours because each meal is around 100 calories. But that oatmeal was so filling that I didn't eat until 11:45ish. So, I am already behind. Had a Medifast strawberry shake for lunch, which would have been much better if I had put it in a blender and mixed some ice with it. It was just too runny. Had a Medifast lemon bar around 4ish. Then had my Lean and Green meal around 7ish. I will do better tomorrow about eating all 5 Medifast meals and my Lean and Green. Hardest part is going into the cafeteria and smelling all the yumminess, and knowing that I can't have it for a while. And when I do get to have it, portions will be cut even smaller than I have done over the past year.

Starting weight: 86.8 kg

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