Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orientation is over!

So, all last week, I had orientation. Sitting through people talk about "The Promise" and our mission, values, and all that good stuff. Then had modules and computer training Thursday and Friday, which is kinda funny if you think about it. I have been using this computer program since it came to Dallas, so I could practically teach the class. But I still had to go through it. Friday, I got to spend half the day on the ER floor. My first patient....grr...was a "Code Brown" (And I am not talking about the real code brown when there is a bomb/bomb threat). Not exactly how I wanted to start off my first time on the floor. I tried to do 3 different blood sticks, and missed every one. So, needless to first day was not what I wanted. Oh, and how can I forget the morbidly obese person that I had to walk to the restroom, and then, she took her gown off and I had to hold it. Now, if you have never seen a morbidly obese person's not a pretty sight. I would have thrown up, but that would not have been polite.

We had to do a module on being sensitive to people who are obese (I am not talking about needing to lose 5-10 pounds). I can put on the best face in the world in person, but I always wonder how people let themselves get like that. Just makes me want to work harder on my diet.

Speaking of diet, things are going well. Will weigh on Tuesday to see about how much I have lost. We are supposed to weigh ourselves once a week. I started on Wednesday, but will have to adjust that until I get into a schedule with school and work. I haven't noticed a difference since the decreased caloric intake started. The oatmeal is really filling. I am having problems eating all 5 medifast meals in one day. I have yet to get that accomplished. Yesterday, I only ate 2 1/2. I tried the eggs, but I just can't eat eggs. I can do egg whites, but not the yolks. So, that is where the half came in. I will try to stomach them again next time, but it takes some work!


  1. Glad things are going well! I know you blogged that you're not entirely happy you went the Medifast route, but if it teaches you about portion sizes and what you do and don't like to eat, you can have a good base for going back to real food. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. I just don't like the prepacked meal type idea. But oh well. It's just a short term thing.