Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Today was our second Crossfit workout. (And by our, I mean the 4 of us). This was a pretty fun, and tiring WOD. We partnered up in teams of two, and then had to complete:

400m run
Air Squats
300m run
Push Ups
200m run
Kettle Bell Swings
100m run
Wall Balls

Each run and a movement had a time frame associated with it. After you and your partner ran the 400m, then you had the rest of 5 mintues to do Air Squats. The push ups was 4 minutes, kettlebell swings 3 minutes, and wall balls for the remainer of the 2 minutes. This was more fun than it sounds. I partnered with Sarah (David's wife). I debated on partnering with her or with Phoenix. I probably would have gotten a better workout with Phoenix (Sarah is not the best runner, and she had to walk for some of it...a lot more than I would have). The thing is, you couldn't start the movement until you both finished the run. So, I went a lot slower than I should have, but I didn't want to leave Sarah all by herself. I really want them to enjoy Crossfit, so, I chose to jog in place and wait for her to catch up to me. It also doesn't help that I am almost a foot taller than her, and I have much longer strides. Which is why it probably would have worked out better my partnering with Phoenix since we are both so much taller than Sarah and David...but oh well. :) I still had a great time. On the other three runs, I actually did run faster than her, I had to get some kind of workout in.

Hopefully they won't be so sore tomorrow, but we are having such a good time coming to CrossFit Deep! So, the plan is to come next week!

Oh....and great seeing you!!!! I am so glad that you got to meet Phoenix!


  1. Hey Amy, it was great seeing you that day too. Did you end up going again this past Saturday? I saw on FB that you said you were going again and that Carrie was going too. I hope y'all had a good time! I'm sorry to have missed seeing you girls.

  2. Yep we went! We missed you! But it was great to get to work with Koy and Eric again. I so missed them! I am really happy that Koy was there. When we were doing the SDHP, Koy helped Phoenix with his technique, which we really didn't get that help when Koy wasn't there.

  3. Good! I'm glad you had fun and Koy was able to help out. I hope you have a great week!