Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready Set Shoot!

Another workout at Crossfit Deep this past Saturday. I am loving getting back into the Crossfit regimen again. Sarah and David were unable to make it this past weekend, but Phoenix and I still went. And Carrie came! It was great working out with her again. This was a fun WOD, granted, I am weird so I thought it was fun, yet exhausting!

3 rounds with 1 minute at each station:
SDHP with kettlebells
Burpees (Ok...not so much fun)
Jumping Air Squats (Did some regular air squats, Eric said that if we were tired to do regular air squats to get more reps in)
Ab Mat Sit Ups

I ended up getting 205 reps total. My strengths were the sit ups and the SDHP. I used the 26# KB for the SDHP. Another lift that I have greatly missed. It was great that Eric and Koy FINALLY came back! I am really happy that Koy was there. When we were doing the SDHP, Koy helped Phoenix with his technique, which we really didn't get that help when Koy wasn't there. Eric also motivated us on the burpess and jumping squats. I realize that when all the coaches aren't there it is more difficult to help everyone with their form, so it was wonderful to have that critique again.

Phoenix still isn't 100% sold on CrossFit, but I am thinking that if I keep bringing him, he will come around. I am just happy that he comes, even if it is just for me. I think his score was 175ish. When we were finally able to start breathing again, we went to Cafe Brazil for breakfast/lunch. I had some yummy crepe with chicken and spinch and also tried part of Carrie's Egg Sandwich, which was quite yummy too! Then, we HAD to introduce Carrie to our latest obsession...YOGURTLAND! of the best things to come around in who knows how long. Phoenix and I have made it our mission to convert all of our friends to the wonderfulness of Yogurtland. So far, we are 3 for 3! After our mini crossfit reunion....I think we all need to go to Yogurtland....any takers?


  1. Thanks for the rowing comment! Carrie told me she was all about Yogurtland, hehe. She also said you look great! That's awesome. I could never sell my husband on Crossfit so I'm glad your man is willing to give it a try!

    When is the next Yogurtland outing? I'd love to test it out!

  2. Good idea....Yogurtland outing! I will work on that! Phoenix and I always need an excuse to go to Yogurtland!

  3. Why can't you sell him on Crossfit? I think it will take Phoenix awhile to be in love with it, but at least he goes with me. :)

  4. He just doesn't like working out in a group. I'm sort of glad because it's something I have that's just mine!

  5. That's true, it is just yours! I can understand sometimes not wanting him there, but since there is usually 4 of us, we have a good time pushing each other.

  6. Hehe, you are so bad!!! :P j/k I am so happy you introduced me to fact, I'll be sad that I won't be having it this Saturday. :( Enjoy it if you happen to stop there! :)