Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another one in the books!

Another semester ended last week. I wish that I was able to do better, but I passed all my classes with good grades, but my 4.0 went bye bye. :( Oh well. I am much better balanced this time around, that making a couple B's, well, that can be the price to pay to be happy.

WOD for 5-15-10 at Crossfit Deep:
Every 3rd minute for 15 minutes
Run 200m
Air Squats

This WOD was done with a partner. One person does burpees with the other does air squats. Phoenix was my partner (like you were going to guess otherwise?). There were 5 rounds total. I told him that I would do 3 rounds of burpees and he could do only 2 rounds. He still gets really sore after the workouts, so I was just trying to make him less miserable so he keeps coming. He did really well. He got 100 reps total, while I only managed to squeak out 78 (but to my defense, I did have to do 3 rounds of burpees and he got to do more of the easy air squats).

Then after the WOD, we took showers at the box. (Deep has REALLY nice showers! They even have soap and shampoo!) And then went to see my parents for my birthday. It was a great birthday weekend. Way too much food that didn't even resemble anything close to Paleo. Oh well.

Started Maymester on Monday. This class is over next Friday, so it shouldn't be too bad. Other than that....getting ready for GAME NIGHT!!!


  1. Aww, I totally feel your pain, Amy! Sucks but hey, that'll make us dig deeper for A's for the rest of our classes, right?!!

    Great job on that WOD--sounded like a really tough one! I totally am jealous that you got to experience the Deep showers!!! I was so impressed by those when I first visited Deep last year. I'm glad you had a great birthday, too! Hehe, it's okay to indulge for your birthday, girl! :)

    Ready for game night, too!!!!!!! :D

  2. Exactly! The WOD was fun....yet tough. Yes, the showers were great! I loved the tile in there, and would love it in a future bathroom of my own.

    Yes...indulging for my birthday....and game night! I may need to do like 3 WODs in a day to make up for it. :)