Thursday, May 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never?

Ok, so this past Saturday Phoenix and I went to CFDC. Carrie wanted us to come with her so, we did. I swear, burpees follow this girl around! Both times we have worked out with her, the workouts involved burpees. But anyway...on to the WOD.

10 minutes:
5 burpees on the minute
wall balls

There were a TON of people at CFDC. Phoenix and I ended up doing dumbbell thrusters (so did Carrie and her partner). Well, burpees pretty much kill me. I did all 50 of the freaking burpees, but only managed to get 30 thrusters. (Phoenix only got 22...hehe I beat him). Totally felt the soreness in the arms 2 days later. Even though, I hate them...still a love-hate relationship. Wait, no, I lie. There is no love when it comes to burpees. Just a hate relationship. Worked a little bit on pullups without a band. Still only able to get about halfway up, but for not having worked on pullups since last year, I am pleased with that. And Phoenix really likes CrossFit Deep a lot better, so it looks like that is where we will be going! :)

This week has been hell week at school. Had two finals on Monday, a regular test yesterday, and then a HESI practice test today. And then two finals next week. The week after that starts Maymester. Ug. I have to go to school on my birthday. How depressing is that? Grrr.... Oh well.

Well, off to test and work. I am so ready for the WOD on Saturday!!!!


  1. I'm sorrrrrrrrry!!!!!!! :( You don't have to worry about burpees, at least they won't be my fault if you have to. Great job on that WOD last week--it was tough. I'd forgotten all about it until I read your post. Enjoy Deep tomorrow! I'm going to jog to CFDC since I'm one street away from it now. Can't wait for game night! Keep your chin up on school--you're doing great! See you soon, lovey! Tres leches cake and lots of fun and perhaps drunken games! :P

  2. It's OK Carrie. I know burpees aren't your fault. I just like messing with you@ It was a tough one. I am just glad I finished! The gang is all ready to go Crossfitting today! :) I am so excited for game night too! It's going to be fun!!