Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainy Day!

So, I did a quick workout after preclinical. Here it was...

1 mile warm up on the elliptical
Pull ups
Push ups
50 sit up cool down

My made up metcon took me 4:30. It could have been a lot quicker, but stupid pull ups slowed me down! Oh well. It was nice. Abs are finally feeling better!

So, I get home after my workout, took my shower, and was getting ready to finish my preclinical paper work clinical is cancelled tomorrow. So, I have tomorrow off. A day off, and I don't have ANYTHING to do. Hmm...I wonder what I am going to do!


  1. Very nice made up metcon..and good time!! A day off with nothing to do? Wow, I am jealous! Enjoy!!!

  2. Hehe, enjoy your day off, Amy! I'm just stoked to have a lil break from class since this last one just ended. Whew! Nice met-con--I think I'll do that one when I can't get to the box.

  3. I liked my little made up met con! I am still feeling the soreness 2 days after! :) I enjoyed my day off....ended up going shopping! :) And then did a Zumba dance class with my friend. Tons of fun!

  4. Ooh, where'd you shop?? What'd you get? :) I haven't been able to do much shopping because I'm saving up for Kason's Europe trip. He turns 25 this year, so I'm doing something extra special for him (us). :)

  5. I went to New York & Company. Bought three new shirts. Trying to decide which one to wear tonight! And then I got a new bra at Victoria's Secret. I shouldn't be allowed to have days off!! Oh, and don't forget to get me a shot glass from Europe!! :)

  6. Hehe, nice!! Well, tonight was a total waste of time and money. Don't ever go to Patio Grill in Uptown if you ever are in the area. It was god-awful, and I am still pissed I wasted my evening there instead of at CFDeep having a blast with y'all. ARGH! Lesson learned. I definitely plan to go to the Halloween party, costume or not. So far, I'm thinking a naughty witch (Harry Potter-style) costume would be fun...