Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had a great time at the party! Crossfit Deep is such a cool place! I could really see myself working out there! And Eric seems to want to help me so I can, but I just need to find the finances. Stupid money. Stupid nursing school. I wish it was closer, because there wouldn't be any questions asked about what I would do!

It was great seeing people from CFDC at the party. Granted, after talking to some people, it seems like things have changed so much since I left. Which really saddens me. I thought that Crossfit was such a big family community, and to hear what I heard, just breaks my heart. It makes me question if I want to get back into it if this is how Crossfit treats people who leave. Granted, I know that I haven't gotten the whole story, but the people I've talked to, I think they are pretty reliable.

And so, a new week begins. I have clinicals again this week. :) Gotta love clinicals. Oh, and yesterday, I got the biggest compliment from two of my teachers. Since I am doing so well, they think that I am "brilliant" (Their words not mine). While I know that I am smart, I know how hard I work. So, to say brilliant, I don't think that applies, maybe it does. But we got the "you suck" speech after our big pharm test. Seems like a lot of people won't be passing this semester and going on to the next one. Sad. Very sad. I find that school is actually easy if you study. But that's just me! :)


  1. Well, like I always say, I'm glad to have a future "brilliant" nurse out there to stick needles in people and inject medicine at the right pace..not like the crazy ones I usually get!
    Kinda bummed I missed the party..I want to hear more about it.
    Have a great week! Hope to see you soon :)

  2. What an awesome compliment! You do work hard, but some of that is natural brilliance - nursing school is really challenging, so to be making A's as often as you do is badass!

    I'm sorry I missed the party, too. I had a friend's birthday costume party that night, but I went to the free workout that morning to check it out. It's really nice there! They've done an amazing job. It makes me sad to hear that there's some bad blood, if that's the case. I also like to think of it as a family, where people would celebrate others' achievements. Not to be nosy, but you putting a little bit out there makes me curious to know the whole story. Can you elaborate on what you heard? If not, don't worry about it! :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys! You should have seen everyone after the "you suck" speech. It is very disheartening when the entire school knows that we are the worst class that has been through in a while. Oh well!

    Will not give any names, but some people have been having problems with the coaching staff. They were having some range of motion issues, and asked to do something different, and it was originally said that it was ok. Then a certain movement comes up and this person can't do it, and a coach was rude to a member (which shouldn't happen since we are paying them). And a lot of people say that the family feeling isn't there anymore, and when their prepaid membership runs out they aren't going to renew it.

    What upset me the most (now, this is just hear say, so not entirely sure of its truthfulness) is that when the coaches found out about the guys opening their own gym, they got really pissed and wouldn't talk to them anymore. They did show up at the party, but it was rumored that they wouldn't. And if this is what the "CrossFit family" is all about, getting upset when a coach branches off and wants to start his own gym, then I don't know if I want to be a part of all that. I thought we are supposed to support each other.

    Again, I don't know the other side of the story, but this is what I heard.

  4. I am in complete agreement. It's not cool to call it a family, but only until someone does something you don't like. Being rude is totally uncalled for. While I haven't had any problems and on the surface, everything seems the same, it's unfortunate to hear that this has been the case for some people.

    And if it's true that they were pissed about the folks who opened the new gym, that's just plain immature. You'd think the coaches would want to congratulate and support them for taking their love of Crossfit to a new level, the same way they did. I hope they can bury the hatchet and move on, and maybe coming to the party was a step in that direction. Having two affiliates in one city who get along and support each other is better for everyone.

    As for my cough, thanks for asking! It started on the 12th and I took some kind of lozenge that helped, but I stopped and it still hasn't gone away. Not to get gross (although I know you're probably used to it!), but it's mainly just mucus-y in the morning, so I cough up some stuff to clear it out and it's better. What do you think, Nurse Amy? Wait it out or take some meds?

  5. Again, it was all hear say, but I didn't like what I heard!

    OK, now to your cough. When you say mucus, I am assuming you mean clear, correct? Clear is associated with either a viral infection (like a cold). Green or yellow could indicate a bacterial infection. Do you have allergies? Are you congested as well? If either one is true, if you think about it, it makes sense. When you lay down for the night all of the drainage comes up towards your throat, so when you wake up you have to clear these secretions.

    Based on what you have said, I don't think you have a bacterial infection. You are able to do Crossfit, and I am assuming no fever. But if you do develop a fever, and the sputum (what you are coughing up) changes colors, then you may want to see your health care provider.

    Now, when choosing a cough medication, there are lots of choices. Remember, cough can be a good thing. There is something in your lungs/upper airway that needs to go out. If you are coughing at night, I would use a cough suppressant so you can get some sleep. During the day, I would choose an Expectorant which loosens up the mucous and easier to get up.

  6. Lots of discussion :)

    On the cough issue - Amy I STILL have a sore throat - but I am now convinced that it's due to some combination of travelling/weather change/allergies, since it has been like 3 weeks and I have no other symptoms! I do get the mucusy thing in the morning too..which I'm again blaming on allergies/weather change. I don't know if you've tried this Jamie, but sleeping with a humidifier seems to help. By the way - Congratulations and welcome back!

    On the CF drama - I have heard a little bit of both sides and the same that you have heard Amy. It is disappointing. My initial reaction was - it is really a testament to CFDC that they trained such great coaches that are able to go do this - so it is definitely sad that it wasn't perceived that way by everyone. Personally, I do feel like the atmosphere has changed. Although I'm not sure exactly what it is, part of it for me is that several ppl that I used to look forward to working out with have left.

  7. Hey guys, felt like it was necessary to address a few things since recently I have noticed some rumors that have been going around. There is definitely not any bad blood between the coaches, we love CFDC and the people there. Koy and I owe a lot to them and wouldn't be the coaches we are without their support and mentoring. Obviously when there are 100s of people who didn't get to all talk to us and understand our decision to open a gym, rumors will start to go around. Also, it becomes a great opportunity for anyone who is disgruntled for any reason. Another issue that immediately creates some discomfort is the loyalty thing, which gym do I go to now, etc. The reason Koy and I weren't more vocal about our gym at CFDC is because we never wanted to create that situation for anyone. We have a lot of friends at CFDC and we hope those friendships last. It's funny how several exits down 75 makes it all of a sudden feel like a long distance relationship. Spencer and Sam are busy for sure with a very popular quickly expanding gym, and we are equally busy trying to do what sam and spencer did so well to create a large crossfit family. Once things settle down, we hope to really engage both of our gyms in fun events and activities. So in closing, don't feel disheartened. The CrossFit family in Dallas will continue to be strong. Maybe one day, next to California, Dallas will be known as the premiere location for finding the best CrossFit gyms in the nation.

  8. Eric, that's great to hear. Hearing that was pretty surprising considering the character of the people involved with Crossfit, so I'm glad it's not the case. Here's to a strong Dallas Crossfit family, no matter the gym. Good luck and congrats!

    Amy, about the cough grossness - it is kind of yellow, but no fever, nothing like that. I do have allergies and some congestion, but it hasn't affected my sleep. It sounds like taking an expectorant would be the best course of action. Thanks for the tips!! Great to know I have a future nurse to come to with questions.

  9. Thanks for clearing some of it up Eric. I found it hard to believe that people were mad at you guys for starting your own gym. But whether you say it or not, some people still aren't feeling the family feeling there anymore.

    No problem Jamie! And if anything changes, go to your health care provider.

    Sandy, I don't think you have a bacterial infection. Your throat wasn't infected red. It was a nice healthy pink. If you are still having the sore throat, continue the OTC medications. If it is a virus, and there are many going around, then it can last for a few weeks. Not too helpful, I know, but if you are concerned you can go to your doctor. But what will happen is that you will get an antibiotic, you will take it, and it will go away. But odds are, it only goes away because it runs its course, not due to the actual medication. I know, sounds weird, but I've done it numerous times.

  10. haha, yea, Amy I totally understand that. That's why I gave up trying to fight it!

    Eric - thanks for the insight :) I think it was hard/sad for a lot of us to lose great coachces and great people at CFDC, but like I said, it is really a testament to CFDC to see what you guys have done, and I'm sure the Crossfit community will be even stronger now!