Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend fun!

OK, so I totally slacked off on my sleep fitness blog. Promise guys, it is coming! I just had stuff that I needed to do.

I did manage to get a workout in yesterday.

Did my 1 mile warm up on the elliptical. Still hate doing it, but I like getting my HR up. For my WOD, I did one that we did a few months ago.

14 rounds
3 push jerk
3 L-pull up (subbed knees to elbows)

I used 55# again. I warmed up with it, and for some reason it felt heavier than last time. So, I just used it. I actually finished the WOD in 9:00, which is 50 seconds faster than my previous time! This time I took less breathing breaks. Nice to see an improvement. Cool down, 50 situps.

Sorry for the short post, but just wated to post something to let you guys know I am alive! :)


  1. Nice improvement! And thanks for letting us know you're alive. Speaking of alive, where is Carrie?! I know you're around because I see your posts on the Crossfit blog, so if you see this, hello and hope all is well!

  2. Haha, hey Jamie. I'm still alive but definitely felt closer to death a few days ago. Got the flu and had all the icky symptoms hit me on Sunday. I'm having to miss this entire week from work because I'm contagious. :/ But at least it's not the swine flu, right? Anyway, I have been too lazy and preoccupied to post on my blog, I'm sorry. Should be able to return to the box next week and will make an effort to post on my blog. Thanks for asking, Jamie. :)

    Amy, great job on your working out and posting to your blog. I remember that WOD--man those L-pullups suck! I used a blue band and was still struggling on the third rep, especially by the 8th round. Great work!!!