Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ok, here is a REAL update!

Sorry for the quick updates. Truth is, I haven't been in the writing mood recently. I would come on here to start, and then would be like I don't feel like it. But I feel like it today!

So, since the CHL, I have pretty much been doing the same thing I have been doing all summer. Working, tanning, reading, cooking, cleaning, and other everyday stuff! Carrie and I had a girls' pool day, and it was fun! She finally got to try some of my home cooked goodies, and loved them. :) I wish that our nursing class would have come up with the idea to do a cookbook for a fundraiser. That would have been sweet. People could have submitted recipes that don't take too long to make, and everyone could have really benefited, but oh well. They didn't. (This is what happens when I don't get elected Secretary...just saying! LOL).

I am ALMOST finished with Atlas Shrugged. Just about 200 pages to go. But I have been also finished Dear John and My Sister's Keeper. Both great books. I needed something to do while I was at work in TRIAGE (did I ever mention how much I hate triage?). But yes, in two weeks, I was able to finish two books. Yay! Now to just finish Atlas before school starts.

As you know, my biological father (the one who lives in Oklahoma) has not been too crazy about me dating Phoenix (only because Phoenix is an atheist). Well, a few weeks ago, I got a 7 page letter from him in response to my facebook posting. Long story short, he says that he can not support my relationship with Phoenix, and that he prays for me every night. He also had several low blows about my mom, and just how can I claim to be a moral person if I don't go to church? I mean, if we want to get into the subject of morality here, I wasn't the one buying my 15 year old brother tobacco and alcohol. Or I wasn't the one who when my brother chased me around the house with knives turned a blind eye to it all. I have never claimed to be perfect, but I am trying my best to live my life in a moral way. I am going to be responding to his letter, and I will be sending Atlas Shrugged with the letter. It has been ranked (depending on which list you look at, I was referred to a USA Today posting) the second most influential book. (The Bible was number 1). Well, for a philosophy such as objectivism (still trying to come up with my own definition) to be such a horrible thing, why is this book so popular? So, like I said, I will be mailing my letter with this book, in hopes that he will read it and try to understand the morals and principles that he (and the ones that I am agreeing with) live our lives by.

This past weekend, we bought my motorcycle gear! I love my jacket! It fits like it is a second skin. I am so glad that when I wear the jacket, I no longer look like a linebacker! My helmet won't be in until the end of the month since the style I want is very popular. My gloves should be in this week or early next. But I have my jacket and my awesome shoes! :) Phoenix and I have matching shoes. Except his have a red stripe, and mine have a white strip. It is so cute! Yes yes...I know. We are disgustingly cute. But we are okay with being "That couple". LOL. I will post pics when I have all my gear on. It was funny, Phoenix told me that my equipment is officially better than his! Hehe...that's because I have good taste! I also think that since I don't have a bike, he is going to slowly let me ride his a bit. But since the bike is his baby, it is taking a while. And that's ok. So far, he has agreed to let me sit on the bike. Baby steps. But before you know it, I will be riding around the parking lot!

Plans for this week are hopefully to go look at new apartments in Las Colinas. I think I have already found the one I want, we just need to go see it in person, and put a deposit down! Will update you guys when I have further information!

OK....enough for now. Time to make another new recipe!


  1. Great update!!!! I love the approach you're taking with the situation with your brother. And I love the fact that you are confident and 100% committed to yourself--you don't let others dictate what you should believe or how you should live. Way to be true to yourself, Amy!

    So excited for you about your motorcycle gear!!! Hehe, it's okay to match--y'all are adorable! :) Wow, I'm surprised Phoenix is going to let you ride his bike...that's huge!!!! Hehe, that's too cute! Good luck in your apt. search--y'all better have a house-warming party. :) I hope you get the one you want!!!!! It sounds amazing!

    What new delicious goodness did you make?

  2. I think you're responding to your dad in a very mature way. It takes a lot to handle something like that, and you're going about it the right way. It helps that you have fun things in your life to focus on, like cool new motorcycle gear! :)

  3. Thanks for your support guys. It means a lot to me. I knew what you meant Carrie. :)

    Yep, gotta love the cool motorcycle gear! :) I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like in person!