Monday, August 23, 2010


Since I am in triage doing nothing....I figured I would update you with my vacation! :)

Friday, we went to Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma. It was so pretty there! We went hiking and then played in the Falls. I liked trying to find the cave. There were two ways to get in. One by crawling on your abdomen or going down rocks. I chose the rock way. I did not feel like getting covered in dirt, especially when I was already covered in sweat. I was very proud of Phoenix. He does not like going in water where he can't see the floor or he doesn't know what is in the water. So, I was very proud that he went in the water. He is never going to let me live in down that he did that, but that's ok. :) Oh, and there was this GIGANTIC hill that we had to climb to begin looking for the cave. was not the easiest one, but since we are crossfitters...well, it still sucked, but it was manageable!

After we left Turner Falls, we went to the town of Duncan (this is the closest place that had a hotel chain where we were able to get a free night). We went to this bistro called Peyton's Place, which the food was not very good. Phoenix found a hair in his food! Gross! We had planned for this to have been a fun date night......but as it turns out, there is NOTHING to do in Duncan! So, we decided to go to Wal-Mart, buy a movie and ice cream, and have date night in our hotel room. We ended up getting IRobot. Turned out to be a pretty decent movie! Ok, well, there was something to do in Duncan. We could have gone to the Casino, but I just bought a cute new shirt, and we didn't want to leave there smelling like smoke.

Saturday, we went to Wynnewood to go to the Exotic Animal Memorial Park! This was sooo much fun! It is kind of like a zoo, but they rescue animals. They have over 1400 big cats there! Some have been rescued from circuses, zoos, or other animal sanctuaries. We were able to walk around and look at everything. We paid the extra bit to go back to the back for a personal tour. At the end of the tour, we got to play with a baby tiger!!! Six (tiger's name) is 18 days old! He was the cutest thing ever! I did not want to let him down! We got to play with him for about 30 minutes and take pictures! Cubs can only be handled by direct human contact until they are about 12 weeks old. After that, they aren't supposed to be treated like "pets" and you aren't allowed to touch them. (Or at least that is what our tour guide said!)

It was such a great first vacation! I look forward to many more!


  1. OMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!! I'm so jealous of you getting to pet and play with a tiger cub!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE! :D:D:D:D I want to take him home with me...but then he'll eat Castor and Pollux when he gets older. Love your pics and looks like you had an awesome vacay. :)

  2. I know! I wanted to bring him home too! But only until he is 12 weeks old, and then I would give him back! It was a great vacation. I can't wait for the next one!