Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boom some more!

Phoenix and I finished our Concealed Handgun License class last night! We took the 10 hour classroom session on Saturday, and then took our qualifier last night. It was very exciting! We are sending the paper work in tomorrow and then we are fully qualified to carry a gun! :) I know, not the most feminine thing, but who ever thought of me as the girliest of girls?

Other than that, I am just enjoying the last month off of school. I am ALMOST finished with Atlas Shrugged! Fantastic book! :) I am working a few days a week, and then work on trying out new recipes. I made a carrot cake from scratch yesterday, and I was quite impressed! Tonight, I am trying out lasagna for the first time! Wish me luck! :)


  1. Your lasagna was AWESOME, and your homemade carrot cake was PHENOMENAL!!! I want some mooooooore! :D Hoping you'll make that sometime soon for a get-together...

  2. Thanks! And which ones are you wanting again?