Sunday, August 2, 2009

Changing Things Up

Had a day off yesterday! Woo hoo! I had planned to workout in the morning and then lay out by the pool...what a way to spend my day off.

So, I begun my day off at the gym. Worked out by myself since Kelsey was at work. I did a mile and a half on the ellipitcal. Fun (yeah right). And then, I went to an Aqua aerobics class. I have never done one and have always wanted to try it. Well, it was interesting to say that least. I was the youngest person there, and the thinnest. It was a group of older heavier women. Had a great instructor. She was nice and funny. Overall, I enjoyed it. I think I might go to another class, but only as a 50 minute cool down. I don't know if my heart rate came closer to maximum like with a CF workout. But I wanted to try something new. Constantly varied functional movements right? Isn't that the CF motto?

I am feeling some tightness in my upper shoulders today, which could have been from the class. Who knows? It was nice to see heavier people doing the workout. Shows that they are trying to get healthier. Now, can we get the rest of the obese population to do this?


  1. Sounds fun, Amy! I agree that it's important to change things up a bit. Kason plans to train for Officer Candidate School once a week with a weighted march/run, and I might do that with him, although not with 100+# in my bag!! Maybe I'll buy a weighted vest for those days. Anyway, I'm really loving having him back! See you later today!!

  2. Weighted run? Ug...not my idea of fun in this weather! Maybe in December...I am glad he's back!

    Speaking of changing things up...there is a hip hop dance class that I am thinking of going to just for fun! Hehe..

    See you this afternoon!