Friday, August 14, 2009

This Week...

I am sorry Lindsey for not posting every day to keep you entertained. Have had personal issues, and just have not felt like taking the time to post and be positive. But the good thing is, even though I didn't WANT to work out, I did work out.

"Helen"ish. So, I was kinda looking forward to Helen. She's a great one. But again, treadmills and I don't get along. And Amber was working out with me that day! :) So, Amber and I were going to do the 3 rounds, but sub the row. Since one of the rowers was broken, we had to go one at a time. And I went first. First 400m, went by quickly (1:26...fastest I've done that before), and finished that round around 3 minutes using the 25# DB for the KB swings. Amber was keeping time for me, and well, didn't realize that she had to keep the timer going for the entire time. So, she only timed my first row. And then she timed my whole second round, which I finished in 4 something. And then some old lady stole my rower. :( Sadness. So, I just did two rounds. Amber did Helenish as well, but since the old lady was on the rower (and wasn't really doing much work, just sitting there and half assing it) she did her two rounds on the elliptical. Oh well...not like I can kick her off the rower. After that, we went and did an hour of Aqua Fit.

Not too much to say about this day, or much that I wish to go into.
WOD was
3 Jerk
3 L pull-ups

I have no clue how to do an L pull up. Nor do I know how to sub it. So, I changed up the WOD a little bit. Instead of doing L-pull ups, I did knees to elbows. Well, it ended up really being bring your knees up as high as you can. Which I actually thought that I was getting them up higher than I have in the past. Used 55# for the jerk. Probably should have gone higher. Oh well. I will do this one again soon, as I thought it was fun. Time: 9:50

Had a day off. Spent it shopping with my mom and little brother. Lovely cheat meal at Tin Star...yum for flour tortillas, but I didn't eat any rice. Found a really cute top and dress...oh and two pair of shoes! I heart shoes! Now, I just need some place to wear them to! For the WOD, it was deadlift. Normally I love deadlift. But I just didn't have it in me. Not a lot of sleep, and just not my normal energy. Past couple of days have taken a lot out of me emotionally. So, I knew that I had to do SOMETHING productive. So, I did a warm up row. Then did bench press 5 sets of 10 reps each (45-50-55-60-65). Then cool down sit ups, and then an hour of Aqua Fit. Now, the Aqua fit teacher, wow...much different than the Tuesday night teacher. Much more cardio. Lots of "sprints". And even a mini CF style workout. Which was awesome! I will probably become a regular to her 6PM Aqua Fit class just for the CF style workout.

So, today is Friday. Not sure if I am going to work out or not. I know I need to, but right now, I have no energy. I may just end up doing Annie at home sans running. We'll see.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're having some troubles. Hope the weekend brings you happiness! It's wonderful that you got in those workouts. And new clothes and shoes are the best! There's a reason they call it retail therapy. :)

  2. Let me know when you wanna go for that Coldstone Creamery/venting session! Great job on your workouts, and I am so glad you still worked out even though there were issues going on in your personal life. Hang in there, Amy!