Monday, August 17, 2009

Work Work Work

Hey guys..I am back into the swing of things. I took a few extended rest real good reason. Just wanted to relax when I got off of work. But I think I made for it today on my day off.

I got up and looked at the WOD...running two miles. Ick. So, I did this on the elliptical. Time was horrible, but I did just 2 miles straight. Then I went and did "Annie". My time was slower than last time. Then again, last time I did Annie I didn't do a 2 mile run right before. For my sub for double unders, I did the vertical jumps. I would like to think that my time was slower because I didn't have an Ab mat. I never realized how much the Ab mats help when doing multiple reps like Annie.

Time was 9:50. Will work on improving this time.

Then, I went to my Aqua Fit Class. The regular instructor for Monday mornings is back from vacation. It's very interesting to see the different instructors and their techniques. I really liked this one. Worked our triceps really well! Will be feeling the soreness from that tomorrow!

Other than that, everything is going well. Feeling tons better....maybe it's the new shoes! Hehe...So, the plans for the rest of my day off....tanning by the pool while reading Harry Potter and Pharmacology!

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