Monday, August 10, 2009

Splish Splash

WOD for 8-10-2009

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

One word for this workout. BLAH! I usually love squats. I felt good during my warm up sets. I started off my first set at 95#, something I new I could easily get. Then I jumped to #115. Which normally would not have been any problem, but on my 3rd rep, I noticed that my back was doing something funny. Finished out the set and tried to correct form. I decided to drop back down to 95# for my 3rd set to try to correct my form.

Ok, form correct on the 3rd set. Bumped up to 105#, and on my 4th set, I started doing that funny back thing. Can't even really describe it. It was like my back was rounding, but didn't feel like rounding per say. Like I said, hard to describe. So, at this point I am feeling pretty let down. I am not having problems with the weight. The weight itself is easy. Not quite sure why my form is breaking down. So, I drop back down to 95# to finish the workout on a good note.

Seriously, not sure why my form was not there today. I am so embarrassed that I didn't even post my weight on the blog. I feel like I am starting back over again. Just being that girl who was never good at anything. Granted, that feeling went away when my logical side kicked it again. It's just hard sometimes. There isn't anyone working out with me. It's just me, all by myself. But I think back and remember all the friends that I've made back at CFDC, and I am not really alone. Just temporarily by myself.

Well, after my not so good WOD I went and did the aqua fit class. This one was so much better than the first class. She actually worked us! So much for this being my cool down. Win for the day, 2 hours of working out! Then I went and laid in the sun for 2 to clean the much to do on my day off!


  1. I think you did awesome. Some days, it's just not happening. I felt like that today, too. It is really hard to do these workouts on your own, but I know you're glad you're at least doing it! That's a giant victory in itself. Keep your chin up, and know that you're doing great!

  2. Thanks Jamie. It's just disheartening to know that I can do so much more, but it just wasn't happening. I know that I can squat at least 165# once, and last time we did this workout I did 130# all five times. It's just my form was not working with me today. So frustrating. Oh well....guess it was just one of those days!

  3. Hey Amy,
    It looks like you're doing a great job keeping track of your progress. That is awesome; keep up the nice work! Thanks for checking out my site and most of all for the kind words. I really hope to become a great coach by learning from everyone at CFDC. See ya at the gym!

  4. Thanks Neal. Keeping this blog makes me accountable because I know that someone else will read it and can offer up suggestions and pointers. That and this is an easy way for me to reference past workouts.