Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are You Ready My Friend?

After hearing me talk about how much I love CrossFit, one of my friends decided that she wanted to work out with me and have me talk her through the joy of CrossFit! Boy did she not know what she got herself into....:)

WOD for 7-21-2009
Dumbbell Thrusters
Push Ups

Rest 3 minutes
4 x 100m row sprints

Cool Down:
50 sit ups

The posted WOD was a running workout. I wouldn't have minded doing this WOD, but my friend Kelsey has problems with her hips, something about them literally dislocating if she does too much running, so I had to change it up.

I think the workout that I came up with was a nice introduction to CrossFit. I had a mini skill session to show her how to do Thrusters. She did really well. Results are as follows:

Kelsey: 4:47 with 8# DB
Me: 5:07 (Take a few seconds off as I had to start the timer and put it down) with 15# DB

Now for some strange reason, while I was doing my last set, I thought I had to do 12, so I ended up doing 21-15-12....no sure why, but that's what ended up happening, so my time would have been about 15 seconds faster...Kelsey's time would have been faster but before the last set she took about a 20 second water break...I think she was tired! Hehe...

After this fun little met con, and we are sitting on the ground out of breath, I asked her how long would it take you on the elliptical to get this out of breath and your heart pumping this fast? Her response "Oh, about an hour and a half.." So, I took an hour and a half of work and got the same results in 5 minutes...not bad!

They do have two rowers, but one of the straps was broken. Kelsey tried to use the broken one, but that didn't work out too well as her time was 33 seconds for the first row. She used my rower after that. Her second and third rows were about 26-27 seconds, and her last row was 23 seconds!

For my rows, the times were between 20-21 seconds. Which is my usual...not sure how to get this under 20, will work more on it.

Sit Ups:
She laughed at me when I told her that Sandy, Carrie, and I do 100 situps for cool downs. Being that this was her first, I cut the number down to 50. About halfway through, she had this pulling in her hip and it was really uncomfortable, she felt like her hip was popping, so she finished it out with crunches. Not quite sure how to fix this, but will talk to one of the coaches to see what's going on.

Kelsey: 2:07
Me: 2:01

Overall, I think it was a good experience. I think she thinks I am a little crazy, but hey, that comes with the territory. Diet for yesterday was fair. I did well for breakfast and lunch, but dinner was sushi! Yum yum!

Breakfast: Egg White Omelet, 2 pieces of bacon, 1/2c pineapple
Lunch: Salad with 1 large pecan crusted chicken breast, 7 almonds
Dinner: Sushi: Catepillar Roll (had avocados, eel, another type of fish, rice, seaweed, and eel sauce) and Crazy Monkey Roll (more avocado, salmon, cashews, rice, seaweed, and cucumbers)
**Dinner was shared with another person, so I didn't eat the whole roll by myself. I probably only had about 6 pieces. Oh, and 3 alcholic drinks. I bought two and the bartender gave me one when he was making some for another customer....always pays to flirt with the bartender!!!


  1. Awesome job on the workout, Amy!! I'm glad you got your friend to do it with you! :) Haha, that's funny that you had to cut it down to 50, but soon you have to make her do 100 like the rest of us!!! I miss doing 1 bikini 2 bikini 3 bikini... with you! I worked on handstand holds and pushups today--definitely a weak spot for me. And I'm having sushi tonight, yay!!!! You had an alcoholic drink for me, I see. ;) Hope to see you sometime this week!

  2. I think she likes it. But she still wants to do her 30 minute elliptical before...Where did you have sushi at? We went RA sushi...it was just okay. Handstand holds...fun! I will have to get her to do that too! It's tough coming up with programming for her. Yes....that third drink was for you!! hehe...

  3. Ugh, how do these girls LIKE wasting 30 minutes on a MACHINE?!!! (unless it's a Concept 2 rower) My friend from home is kinda like that but way worse: she works out every single day and does one hour of elliptical and one hour of strength training. She has not gained anything or lost much more weight, but she gets frustrated and works out even more. She used to teach a spinning class for two hours, and then she would workout afterward for two more hours. It's nuts!!! I've tried to explain CF to her and the mechanics and how what she's doing is not working (she's hired and fired at least three different trainers who have told her the same thing about her workout habits not being good for her), but she will not listen. So I've stopped trying. She's broken her foot because she worked out too much, AND she has to get knee replacements--she's only 28. The doctor told her she has the knees of a 70-yr-old!! But I am so glad your friend agreed to workout with you and hope that she gradually abandons the old mentality that machines do your body good.

    I'm going for sushi tonight somewhere in Richardson--my friend is taking me. I can't remember the name. :/ I'm sorry your food wasn't too great...if I like this place, we should go there sometime! I think you're doing a great job easing your friend into CF, and remember the main site has tons of WODs. Thank you for enjoying that drink for me! <3

    I'm hoping I can drink some sake tonight...

  4. Just thinking about being on the elliptical for an hour makes me cringe. Not that it would be hard to do, it's just I would be bored out of my mind!!! Wow...knee replacements at 28...that sucks big time!

    I am always up for trying new places! My fave place is still Deep Sushi in Deep Ellum! It has this amazing Black Sea Roll with some yummy kind of fish with two different sauces! My mouth waters just thinking about it!

  5. Exactly: boooooooooooring!!! I used to be a gym rat, too, and was foolish in thinking that "sweating" it out on the machines and lifting free weights (my max deadlift was only 90#, weeeeak! and my max back squat: 115# before starting CF; I couldn't even do a front squat--had never heard of it!). I would do bicep curls and all that douchy stuff LOL! One month of CF, and I have the tone I was trying to get with those awful, ineffective focus exercises. Kason and I always laugh at the gym rats when we have to go to the Village gym to workout. They look at us with puzzled expressions when we do things like Cindy haha. Love it!!

    Ooh, I'm up for trying new sushi places, too! Kason isn't too enthusiastic about it, so I can always use a new sushi-trying buddy! :)