Friday, July 24, 2009

Rest Day!

Yesterday was an unscheduled rest day. We had planned to take a rest day today, but Kelsey couldn't make it yesterday, and even though I started to feel better, my house was a mess! So, I cleaned the apartment. I feel a lot better now that my place is clean! Long day at work yesterday. Ended up working a 10.25 hour shift. I had prepared myself though. I was working with a doctor that doesn't hand off her patients. Oh well...if she wants to stay late and away from her babies, that is her business!

Looking forward to making up yesterday's WOD though. Will work that into next week's programming.

Diet: Breakfast: egg white omelet (really wanted to cheat with a pancake, but didn't), some fruit, 7 almonds
Lunch: Salad with mixed veggies (only meat option was something with pasta, and didn't want the extra carbs)
Dinner: lime chicken, celery with peanut butter, zucchini squash
Total Water: 1.5L


  1. Glad you took it easy, especially with your feeling sick! I'll bet that doctor didn't want to return to her babies LOL! j/k It's nice to hear about doctors who actually care about their patients.

    See you tomorrow! :D

  2. Yeah, but it makes it such a long day for me! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. Hope to see you girls tomorrow :)

  4. You know you want to come to Kozy tomorrow Sandy!!!!!