Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Great to Be Back!

WOD for 7-12-2009

KettleBell Ladder

Thanks Sandy for doing this workout with me! It was a lot of fun! I used the 26# KB since it was my first day back in a month. It was a lot of fun! I started ripping my hands on round 10, I think. I had the goal to get to at least round 15. I made it 20 full rounds, and then 10 on round 21. I really could have done more, but my hands hurt so bad, and getting all the chalk on my ripped hands didn't feel well. So, I stopped. I am actually quite happy to have gotten 20 rounds. I will do better next time!

I know that it's been hot recently, but I didn't realize HOW hot it was in the box. Wow, just standing in the box made me sweat! It was so nice to see everyone! Pretty sore today, and my hands are so torn up! Good thing I had dermabond at home!

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/2c granola with added protein powder, almonds, strawberries
Lunch: 1 chicken breast, seasoned with lime and other random spices, 1 apple, 8 almonds
Dinner: 1/2c vegetable soup from central market, 3 slices of turkey
Total water intake: 2L (need to increase this with the Texas heat!)


  1. It was awesome working out with you yesterday! As much as I wanted to quit, you always keep me going! Hope to see you more regularly while you're off of school!

  2. Great job, Amy! You can do 20 rounds with 35# next time. :) Glad you're back!!

  3. Yeah...maybe not 20 rounds with 35#....but thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Sandy, you were great yesterday!

  4. Welcome back! You did a great job on your first workout in a while. Hope to see you soon!