Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2....

WOD for 7-21-2009

Vertical Jump 1 ft above max reach

This is a great WOD. High intensity and works your entire body! For Deadlift, I used 95#. I still can't do HSPU, so I subbed 15# DB. This was done with my friend Kelsey. I asked her yesterday morning if she was sore, and she was like I feel it a little in my thighs, but not too bad....hehe...just wait until later.

Kelsey used the 45# bar and 10# DB. She finished in 6:01, and I finished in 6:11. technically, it should be a few seconds faster since I have to start and stop the time on my ipod. Oh well. Last time I did this workout, I used 65# on the deadlift and 15# DB. My time was just a little over 5 minutes. I didn't realize that the extra 30# would add a minute to my time. There is a lot of room for improvement with this WOD. We will probably revisit this next month.

Cooldown: I did 50 situps, time: 2:00, one second faster than yesterday! Kelsey did 100 crunches in 2:05

I actually had a day off yesterday! It was such an interesting concept. I am so used to working a ton, that when I have days off, I am not quite sure what to do. Caught up on my grocery shopping, tanning, and cleared off my TiVo. Very productive day!

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/2 c granola with 1/2c 2% milk, 2 tbsp protein powder, 10 almonds, 3 strawberries, 2 slice of turkey bacon
Lunch: baked chicken breast, salad, 8 pecans
Dinner: California Club at Applebees, a few fries, small piece of banana split cake (Another dinner with my friends for a birthday. I took the cheese off, and didn't use the ranch dressing that was supposed to come on it. And the banana split cake was what she wanted for her birthday, if you haven't had my cake, you should seriously try it! It's amazing!)

After dinner, I had left over banana split cake. So, instead of taking it home where it would eventually go in my mouth and straight to my ass, I took it to work and made them eat it! Kelsey was at work, and I was asking her how she was feeling...she could barely move! LOL. The soreness finally sunk in from Monday's WOD. Will probably work on upper body today due to our soreness.


  1. Good job doing these workouts on your own, but when are you coming back to the gym? We miss you!

  2. Yeah....we will talk about that. I am going to try to make it this week, I am pretty sure I will be there Sunday. Things to talk about!

  3. I'll be there Sunday, Amy! You gotta do sprints and HSPU skill work with me. :)

  4. I will do the HSPU work, but sprints....lets see how my legs are feeling! I may need to seriously just lay on the foam rollers and not move!

  5. Stuff to talk about, huh? I hope everything's okay. I should be there on Sunday. See you girls then!

  6. Wow, I haven't seen you in forever, Lindsey! It will be nice to see you finally. :)