Monday, July 6, 2009

Stare at the Sun!

So, yesterday, the day that I have been waiting for since April arrived. VANS WARPED TOUR BABY! My favorite band of all time was playing (the only reason I went to be honest). I saw lots of good bands, some decents ones, and some that I wouldn't even want to see for free. But that's how the tour goes right? Weather was great! Overcast for most of the day. Had a few sprinkles here and there. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I think it was mid 90s for most of the day. It was still hot though!

Also, the big highlight to yesterday was that I actually got to MEET THRICE! Fuck yeah! Ok, so I get it that I am a total dork, but seriously guys, that's why you love me right? I took a CD cover with my just in case, and they signed it, and shook my hand. Pretty sweet! Ahh...memories!

Their concert was bad ass! I had fantastic "seats". (Standing outside, no true seats). I started off with only 3 short people in front of me from the barrier from the stage. Once the show got started, everyone is moving forward and moshing and you just get pushed closer. I ended up moving ahead of like 2 people! Again, freaking stoked about that! I could totally see the sweat dripping off their foreheads! They put on a great show like always. Even played two songs off their new album due out in October.

I wish I had more friends that were into this kind of stuff. It truely is an experience. The only bad thing about being this close to the stage, you constantly have crowd surfers being thrown over you to get over the barrier so they can go back to the back and do it again. I got kicked in the back of the head a couple of times. Was sandwiched between two really smelly fat people, and was constantly being smashed into the guy infront of me. Sorry dude!

Overall, fantastic experience. Wouldn't change it for a thing. The only thing I would have changed would have been that Senses Fail and Thrice didn't play so close together so I could have seen both bands. Oh well!

Points to remember for the next Warped Tour:
1. Don't go when you have a kidney infection, really makes the day long and tiring. Also, it makes your back hurt the next day from getting hit in the pits.
2. Put on sunscreen. I wore what I thought was enough, and it wasn't Still have a nasty sunburn on my shoulders. So, not only do I have a kidney infection to deal with, I have a sunburn too. grr..
3. Send tons of fliers out to all the obese people who think it's ok to walk around with their tub of lard hanging out all day (ie shorts and bikini top). Your husband/wife may like to see your fat jiggle when you walk, but I don't. Wear a tank top.
4. Bring more snacks. I only brought one snack, should have brought more. Even though I wasn't that hungry while at the Tour, but man, was I hungry when I got home!
5. Don't have a test that next morning. Leads to stress while trying to enjoy the shows. I kept constantly thinking about Lungs and Kidneys....blah!

Speaking of tests....I did have a test this morning. Like I mentioned, it was about the Lungs and Kidneys and the bad things that can happen to them. I went into this test knowing that it was going to be my lowest score by far. Once I saw the test schedule, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to prepare for it like I would have had for the others. But it didn't matter, Thrice was coming to town. And it was just one test right? And then having to go to the ER last week and being diagnosised with pyelonephritis didn't help matters at all.

Funny thing is, even though I put probably the least amount of time studying, I somehow pulled off a 97! Really not sure how that happened, since there were about 10 I didn't know, and was just like, I haven't had this letter in a few, I'll pick that one! LOL. The curve was very generous, as always. But hell yeah! 97! Woo hoo!! That is actually the best I have done on a test this semester. Maybe I should go to more all day concerts before tests....hmmm....lets not test this theory.

Well my friends, this is the last week of PathoPhysiology. No more of me bitching about how stressed I am (at least until the fall). Looking forward (and slightly nervous) to return to CrossFit next week. Have some other issues that need to be taken care of (ie my cracked windshield). So, that means I will have to miss a day or two to get that taken care of. But I will be back! And Sandy, as soon as I am off my antibiotics, I will start thinking about taking you up on that drink!


  1. Yay! For sure ;) Glad you had a good time! And congrats on that 97!! And don't worry, I'm right there with you on the return these days. I'll be doing a some noon classes next week to work around my travel schedule, but hopefully we can catch each other at some point!

  2. Sounds like a great show and a great reward for all your hard work lately! Then the 97 is just icing on the cake, congratulations!! Happy to hear you'll be at the noon classes some, Sandy - you should join us at noon if you can, Amy!

  3. Thanks guys! I would join you, but I only paid for a half a month due to school schedule. I didn't want to pay for the whole month and not use it.

  4. then pay for the other half and COME!! ;)