Monday, July 27, 2009


Life in the ER is never a boring one let me tell you. It seems like at this point in time, people are sick. Which in a bad way, is nice. Not nice that people are sick, but nice that someone actually really needs our help. They have a real reason to be in the ER, and not their usual "I just want vicodin" bull shit reasons. However, the price with sick critical patients, is that I get to stay late. Staying late means that I am more tired than normal, and I don't make the drive because I am too tired. Excuses, maybe, but please tell me that after working an 11 hour day that you really just want to go and sit down for a few minutes.

This is not exactly how I wanted to talk about things. I would have preferred to do it in person, but with the Allen Go Live, docs that don't turn their patients over, and just sick people in general, it has really affected my CrossFit time. However, I have another situation that has been weighing greatly on my mind. As you guys know, I am getting ready to begin full time nursing school. Woo hoo! However, that comes at a price. My mother has graciously offered to pay for my school, which I am accepting. I am extremely lucky to have my mother pay for my schooling again. With school being a full time job, I will be unable to work full time at the hospital. My mom says that I don't have to work, but I am choosing to work to help out with the bills to prove that I am not a free loader. Not that she would ever think that, but I want to do my part.

So, I guess to make a long story short, I am not going to be able to pay for CrossFit. I don't have the funds anymore. I can not ask my mother to give me the extra money for the fees when she is already helping me with tuition, books, and rent. While I am out of school, I am working 20+ shifts a month to try to get extra money to help out when I start working less.

I will now have to workout on my own. Well, not entirely on my own, I will be working out for the most part with my friend Kelsey. It's not a good bye entirely, I will still be around. I am still going to blog. I love you guys so very much. I love CFDC and the amazing things that it has taught me. I plan on coming back when I get more money, but right now, it's not possible. I am hoping that the coaches will let me pop in every now and then on Sundays to have a real CF workout and see you guys. Results may not be as great as they have been in the past, but I am still going to work hard, and do the best I can. I will have to take it easy on some lifts like snatch, just because there isn't a coach to watch my form. So, I guess on those days it will be light work and just try to perfect the form.

I have enjoyed being at CFDC sooo much. I have gotten so many new friends and have learned a healthier way to live. I love the feeling being healthy and the confidence that CFDC has given me. I am excited to teach my friend the CFDC way! I am going to represent CFDC at LA Fitness! So, this is not a good bye, it's a see you later! I haven't seen the last of me!


  1. I will miss you, Amy!! I can't wait for you to be able to return, and I hope you will visit when you can! Had a great time with you on Saturday chatting by the pool and visiting at Kozy over half a slice of gluten-free carrot cake! Take care, and continue to kick tush in school!!!! Call me if you ever need anything or advice about ahem, certain things...;)

  2. Wow Amy, I'm sad to hear you won't be at Crossfit regularly, but I hope I'll get the chance to see you outside of it! And there's always the free Saturday WODs if you can make those. Plus you have such a good base now, it will be easier to program your own workouts. Hope you keep blogging, too! I enjoy reading them. :) Take care and good luck with school!

  3. Thanks guys. And it's not like I am leaving forever, just a break. I would like to try to make Saturday workouts, but I usually work on Saturdays. I will just have to see how things go! Don't worry Jamie, I will still be blogging!

  4. Amy, I'm so sad to hear that you won't be at the gym for a while, but it sounds like a very responsible decision on your part. I'm sure you will do great doing the WOD's on your own too. Definitely come up there when you can and let me know when you'll be there so I will be sure to come those days. Good luck with school!! That's awesome that your mom is paying for it. What a great mom!!

  5. Thanks Lindsey. It's not what I WANT to do, but I feel it is what I HAVE to do. You need to sweet talk you boyfriend into letting me come on Sundays! And if things are planned, I want to go on outings...

    Yeah, my mom is great! She has saved up since I was little so I would have college money. I didn't use all of it with my first degree, so there was some left over. And when my grandfather died last year, he left her money in a trust fund and she is choosing to use it on me. I am extremely lucky and so very grateful. I just don't want to take advantage of it and have to ask for more money. Ya know? BUT, I will still blog so you will have something to read at work! :)