Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Week

I know that this is supposed to be my CrossFit Blog, but I figured I should write SOMETHING so Lindsey has something to read at work! That and for the 4-6 people that actually read this, you guys will at least know that I am still alive!

I wish I had a killer CrossFit WOD to report back on....but alas, I don't. I have spent the past week in PathoPhysiology hell! Oh week down....4 to go! First week was studying the nervous system. Wish I could tell you that it was fun. But the only fun chapter was the one on schizophrenia. Ok, the brain tumor information was interesting, and Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's...ok so maybe there was some fun stuff. But overall, it wasn't that much fun. What was really neat was that when I went to work this weekend, I got to see some things that we were discussing in class. For example, we were talking about Parkinson's, and then I had a patient who had the disease, and I was just sitting there watching his tremor. It was a resting tremor (present at rest) of his right hard/forearm. And as I sat there watching him, I was thinking, ok, so he doesn't have a lot dopamine in his system. I look at his meds, and he isn't on L-Dopa (medication to increase the amount of dopamine). I wonder why he wasn't on this medication. Who knows....

Things that I have learned this week:
1. I hate not going to CrossFit
2. I hate spending 60+ hours a week studying
3. I miss work (Shocking, I know!)
4. I miss my friends

So far, this has been my routine for Monday-Thursday
5 AM: Wake up, check the blog, become sad that I can't go, small breakfast
6 AM: Leave apartment to go to school. Avoid traffic and get to study away from distractions (i.e, CFDC blog)
9 AM: Class...kinda boring since my teacher just reads off her notes. Every now and then she will tell a really funny story.....remind me to tell you the story about the differences between and malignant and a benign's funny...
12 PM: Get out of back to Plano. Eat a little lunch
1 PM: Study
2 PM: Still studying
6 PM: Ok, where did my day go? Seriously? I've been studying all freaking day!
7 PM: Getting a little hungry, debate with myself whether to eat or continue studying, will have something small so I don't waste time
8 PM: Really getting tired of sitting in this chair....will shower.
9 PM: Go to bed and start the day all over again.

Now, let me remind you, this is just ONE class. Yep....all this time for ONE class. What am I going to do when I am taking 13 hours in the fall? Will have to seriously rethink my social life. First test, I made an 86 (after the curve)! Woo Hoo! FTW! Ok, normally, I wouldn't get excited about a B since I have never really been a B student, but after those 100 questions, I will take what I can get!

Week 2: Endocrine and the Reproductive System....Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on your test, Amy! I know you'll knock out this week's, as well, and be able to do Kozy and Up with us. :) What a draining schedule, though. I hope you can take rest breaks and at least stretch and stuff. We miss you!

  2. Thanks for the post Amy!!! I'm so glad I had something to read this morning at work. ;) Congratulations on your first test! Sounds like you've got a good, productive routine going. I'm sad that it doesn't leave room for Crossfit, but it will be worth it when you pass the class with a really good grade. Well good luck with the rest of your tests and hope to see you soon!

  3. Good to see you're alive girlie! Nice job on the test! Looks like all the studying paid off!
    Now, we really are going to have to work on this schedule to build in breaks for Crossfit and food! Hopefully it gets better after these next few weeks. Hope to see you soon!!

  4. If I lived a lot closer to the gym I could maybe fit in a break for a WOD, but since I live about 20 minutes away, then you add in the hour WOD then the drive home, I am missing almost 2 hours of study time. Thankfully, this class is ONLY 5 weeks long. Just 4 left to go! I think I am going to try to add in some push ups and sit ups during break time, just so I can do SOMETHING! Thanks for the encouragement guys! I really need it! Everyone says that going through nursing school you need a strong support system, and I am glad that I have a few friends who can be there for me!

  5. Are you gonna make it out from under the books tomorrow? You need a break! And we need to see you in person to make sure you're alive. And I need you to yell at me to do more!

  6. Make it out from under the books? LOL...that's funny Sandy! I wish...oh do I wish. I didn't get any work done last night. I was too tired. So, I have to make up for it today. Granted, this stuff seems to be a little better. I will be back soon! Granted....if anyone wants to come and bring me a glass of alcohol...that would be much appreciated! :)