Sunday, June 7, 2009

No Ifs Ands or Buts...These Kids Got Guts!

WOD for 6-7-2009

Push Press

Met Con:
Box Jumps
Push Ups
Pull Ups

So normally I blog the day after my workout, but I start school tomorrow, so I figured I would go ahead, blog now and get it out of the way. Today was a pretty low key today. Finished an 8 day working hours takes a lot out of you. So, for the first half of the day I just relaxed...such a strange feeling actually.....People at work always ask me where I find the energy to go workout after working a shift, thing is, you just do it. Yeah, you are a little tired, but you go and do it. You are either tired at 5 in the morning working out, or at 5 in the afternoon. People need to stop making excuses and just get their butts in the gym and go work out. idea where that little tandem came from.....ok, back to the WOD.

Push Press....I was really excited to do this (I must sound like a friggin' after school special....excited to do a workout? :) My upper body strength is one thing that has always been lacking. I have got really strong legs, and I just wish that I could build up my upper body as quickly as I have my lower body. I can do the Rx'd weight for girls in FGB, which is a plus in my "win" column for being able to do SOMETHING Rx'd. The trick to this workout wasn't just about strength, it was about endurance. Can you do the weight 10 times without resting?

Working Sets:
45-55-65-75x 8

I felt that starting off with the 45# was a good place since I knew that I could do 10 of those. Then we went up to 55#...still felt good with that weight. So, for the third set, we jumped to 65#. Still felt really good after the 65#, so for "fun", I tried 75#. I knew I could get it at least once. Several months ago, I did 90# once, so 75# once shouldn't have been a problem. Well, I did 75# 8 times....I ALMOST had the last 2. My arms were so tired. I will take the eight!

Then, I did a cool down with Carrie. 3 rounds: 15 glute ham sit ups, 15 back extensions.

I thought that the workout was done after that...but oh no...Spencer had a nice little Met Con for us. 21-15-9 Box jumps, push ups, pull ups....grrr...and I didn't wear tennis shoes today. So, I substituted box steps. I used the medium box for the step ups. I figured that doing step ups on the small box wouldn't do me much good. By going to the taller box it was definitely more tiring than the smaller box. Still doing knee push ups, but they are 1000X easier than when I started. I can knock out those push ups fairly quickly now. Pull ups...used the green band. I need to get back to the blue band. I can do several with the blue band, just nervous because they aren't as consistent.

Time for Met Con:

Diet for Today:
Breakfast: 2 whole wheat flax seed waffles (recipe taken from another Crossfit site, threw in several almonds), scrambled egg whites (cooked in 1tsp olive oil), 2 peaches,
Lunch: breakfast was eaten later in the morning, so no lunch for me
Dinner: chest meal! sandwich from Baker's Brothers (only ate half the bread), 1/2c baked potato soup, 9 almonds, 3 carrots, 2 strawberries
Total Water Intake: 2.5L

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