Monday, June 1, 2009

Come Take The Pain From Me

WOD for 5-31-2009


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
100m run
9 box jumps
6 burpees
3 power cleans
1 front squat

In honor of the amazing Ant at our gym, the workout today was Anthony. Fun stuff. I enjoyed this workout actually. The runs felt good. Box little box jumps for the fist 3 rounds, and by the 4th round, my legs were so tired, so I switched to box steps. Burpees...yuck...still doing my modified burpees. I kept telling's only 6 at a time.. just 6. (They still suck though! Even though it was just 6!). Power cleans...I used 53#. I could have done more weight on the Power Cleans, but after the last power clean, we had to do a front squat. I know that my front squat form isn't the best, so I chose to go lighter on the weight and really work on my front squat form.

I finished 6 full rounds and then a 100m run. I was technically 3 seconds from finishing the 100m run when Sam called time, but I finished out the run, and counted it.

After the workout, I did 3 rounds of 15 glute ham sit ups and back extensions with Carrie and Sandy.

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: granola, 9 almonds, strawberries, 3 slices of turkey bacon
Lunch: 4 lime chicken strips cooked in olive oil, 5 baby carrots, 1 passionfruit tea from Fat Straws with Mango Stars, 9 almonds
Dinner: 3 slices of turkey, Salad with mixed veggies, sunflower seeds
Total Water Intake: 1.5L

Currently Listening to: "Bullet With Your Name" by Scars of Life

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