Thursday, February 5, 2009

'Cause It Will Get Harder and Harder to Breathe

WOD for 2-4-09

3 rounds for time:
500m Row
21 Split Cleans
21 Pull-Ups

Time: 23:17

The row was the easier parts! First row finished: 2:01, second row was about 2:30, and third row was about 3:00 minutes, give or take a few seconds. For the split cleans, I used 15# dumbbells. For the pull ups, I used the green band. This was my first work out where I used a band for the pull ups instead of jumping. The first round wasn't too bad, could do about 5-6 before I had to reset. The second round was much much tougher. I could only do about 3 before having to reset. The last round, my arms were dead. I felt bad because I could barely do 2 without having to reset. And by the end, I was only doing one at a time. I really wanted to go back to jumping on the last round, but I toughed it out! I am just glad that I finished!

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/2c hospital oatmeal with fresh strawberries, 4 pieces of bacon
Snack: pint of blackberries
Lunch: **Cheat meal** 1/2 chicken sandwich with cup of soup and 2 bites of chocolate cake that a friend brought to work for me.
Dinner: Too tired to cook when I got home from the workout, so I took a shower and went to bed.

Total Water Intake: 2.5L

Currently Listening to: "Where Did You Go" by SouthFM

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