Friday, February 20, 2009

My Friends All Call Me Crazy

WOD for 2-19-2009

“Hoover Ball” tournament, 30 minutes

Kettlebell Swing

I saw the WOD for today, and was soo excited!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hoover Ball! I had a kick ass team! It was me, Jeremy and Ronnie! And man, we totally kicked butt! Go Peaches N Cream! We won the tournament! Oh yeah! I get way too competitve in this game. But oh well.

The second half of the work out, not as fun. I used the 26# KB and finished in 8:42. Not too bad. My burpees still suck, but overall, getting better. Today I am kinda sore, and I think I may have tweaked my knee a little when I fell while catching a medicine ball. But it's all good!

Before this workout, I made up the one from 2-18-2009, which was:
Front SquatWork up to a heavy single, then 3-3-3 with 80% of that heavy single.

I got a one rep of 85, and then I did 3 sets of 3 at 65#. Great place to start for my front squats. I probably could have done more, but I think my wrists were bending too much. This needs to be fixed so I can do heavier weights. Overall, very happy with yesterdays workout.

Diet for Yesterday:
Breakfast: 3/4 egg white omelet, and bacon
Lunch: Chicken fajita meat over a salad
Dinner: grilled chicken breast and pineapple.
Total Water Intake: 1.5L

Currently Listening to: "Magazines" by Brand New

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