Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Throw All the Pain In the Wind

WOD for 2-10-2009

400m Run
Kettlebell Swings, 21 reps
12 Pull-Ups

Time: 14:11

Helen has become one of my favorite benchmark workouts. Kinda funny coming from me, I know, since I hate running! I increased my weight on the kettlebell swings, went from the 18lb bell to the 26lb bell. I noticed a difference immediately, but it wasn't too bad. Pull ups again were done with the green band.

Helen: 1-5-2008
18# KB, jumping pull ups, Time: 17:??

Helen: 12-15-2008
18# KB, jumping pull ups (increased the number to 24 Pull ups), Time: 12:47

Helen: 2-10-2009
26# KB, green band pull ups, Time: 14:11

I can see the progress that I am making, which is very encouraging. However, I feel like I am hitting a wall. I am not able to string more than 5 band pull ups in a row without having to reset. And then on my last set of pull ups in these type of workouts, I am only doing 1-2 at a time, before having to stop. Which is kinda frustrating. However, as Koy points out, I was barely able to do band pull ups two weeks ago, and now I am doing them, it just takes me longer.

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: egg white omelet with tomatoes and bacon
Snack: blackberries
Lunch: Salad with sunflower seeds, 2 hot wings (with skin and breading removed)
Dinner: grilled chicken and handful of cashews
Total Water Intake: 2.5L

Currently Listening to: "Healing" by Overscene

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