Friday, May 8, 2009

I've Done the Best I Can

WOD for 5-7-2009


Woo hoo for weight lifting days! My face lights up every time I look at the website and it says anything with one rep max! These workouts let me know if I am improving and by how much. Before going to the gym, you have to know what your last PR was. On 2/3/09, my one rep max ws 75#. I tried 80#, but failed. So tonight, 7 tries for a new PR.

Working set:

So tonight....just me and the bar. I am standing there looking at it, and I won't lie, had some doubts when I got up the higher weights. But here I am, looking at this bright shiny bar. Sam had me start off my working set at 53#. I was thinking, ok...a little higher than I would have started, but ok. I do it, easy. Sam then says, ok 2 greens. Alright, 20 more pounds, not too bad. Definitely heavier, but doable. 83#...a little heavier than 73#. At this point, I am like...woo hoo! New PR, and I am only on my 3rd rep. Alright, so lets go up to 93#. I got was a struggle, but fuck yeah, I got 93#! Next was the 103#...I go down for my squat, and then come up for the push press...and only got it halfway up. Fail. :( Sam saw me get down. But he kept encouarging me. So, I dropped to 98#. I try this weight...and Fail. I think this one was mental. I really do. I got nervous and started thinking what would happen if I failed. So, by me overthinking things, I failed. on to my 7th attempt. Sam had me drop to 93#. Which I got. It would have been embarrassing if I didn't get it, since I already got it once. I thought that this was where the workout was going to end. But no, Sam was like, ok put these one pound weights on. I think he knew that I was hoping for a nice 20# increase. So, I try 95#....ah! So close. The bar is eye level and it just isn't going anywhere. So, I rack it, and Sam lets me have one more try. So, I take a few deep breaths...and approach the bar. Not even realizing it, I did a jerk somewhere on the way up. And even though I DID get the weight over head after a front squat, somewhere technique went awry. But overall, I felt great about this workout. Even with 3.5 fails (yeah, I am stubborn, and want some small credit for getting the 95# over my head), I felt amazing. An official 18# PR! Fuck yes! I will take it, and I am so happy. I am getting stronger, and it is showing in the numbers!

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: an amazing egg white omelet with some vegetables, 1 piece of bacon, 1/2c pineapple, 6 almonds
Lunch: some kind of pork, salad, sweet potato, 1/2c blackberries, 3 almonds
Dinner: baked chicken, 7 pecans, 1c strawberries
Total Water Intake: 2L

Currently Listening to: "Second Chance" by Shinedown

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