Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Seasons Have Changed and So Have We

WOD for 5-26-2009

400m run
21 KB swings
12 pull ups

One of my favorite workouts. When I first saw this, I was excited, until I realized that it was going to 101 outside...ugg.... And by the time that the workout started, I was anxious. But I like the anxiety feeling. It makes me want to do better and work harder. I used the 35# KB for the first two rounds and had to switch for the 3rd round. Green band for pull ups. Time overall was not the best. But, for the first time, I felt pretty good doing the runs. During the KB swings on the second round, I was having a hard time catching my breath. I guess that is what an asthmatic feels like. I have been battling some morning cough and congestion, so that may have played into it. Or the fact that I hadn't really eaten since 8 that morning. That could have played into it.

Time: 16:00

Again, not too happy with the time, but I increased in KB weight for 1/2 the workout, so I am happy about that. Pull ups overall were easier. The third round still kills me because my arms get tired. But that's the point of the workout.

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/4c eggs (not much left in the lounge), 2 pieces of bacon, 1/2c yogurt
Lunch: 1c strawberries (unintentional fast, due to work being busy at lunch and not getting a break, and I forgot my back up protein. Not liking the fast thing, makes me grumpy!)
Dinner: 1 sweet potato, 4 chicken strips cooked in olive oil, 1c milk with 1 tablespoon protein powder, 1c strawberries, 1 peach
Total Water Intake: 1.5L

Currently Listening to: "The Ice Is Getting Thinner" By Death Cab For Cutie


  1. Ummm, where's the fat? I only see olive oil on there so maybe 6 blocks of fat for the entire day? You need all 3 macronutrients at every meal. I can't stress enough how important fat is as a macro nutrient. Without it your body will not function optimally. Quick reminder and re-emphasis on the fact that fat does not make you fat, nor does it inhibit weight loss. If you are not eating fat, your body does what it is genetically programmed to do, convert carbohydrates to fat, storing it for when it needs energy. If you eat fat, your body does not do this because it sees it as a readily available fuel source. Please eat 15 blocks of fat for 4 weeks and fruit with only 1 meal a day. Vegetables should make up a higher percentage of your carb intake, I promise you will see insane results. Every one of the leanest people at our gym is eating 40% or more of their calories from fat, this is not coincidence, this is not because they are genetically predisposed, this is pure biology. As your friend, and coach, PLEASE try this, otherwise we are going to stage an intervention =)

    Also, watch this video

    Also Also, both my parents have been eating a high fat paleo diet for 6 months now. Both of them are the leanest they have ever been. My dad wears the same pant size I do now, and my mom has muscle definition unlike any other 56 year old I know. They eat lots of fat!

    We want you to be happy and find the results you are out there to achieve!

  2. Amy, I need a new post to read today. Hurry up lady! ;) What time are you going to the gym today?

  3. Where've you been girlie?!

    And yes, eat more fat.. that's what I hear everyday as well :) I just think getting to eat more is great, so why not!