Friday, May 15, 2009

A Testament to Old and New

WOD for 5-14-2009

1000m row
50 Thrusters
30 Pull ups

Jackie...what can I say about Jackie...this was a workout that I did months ago when I first began Crossfit. I did this on 11-10-2008, exactly one week after I joined CrossFit. I remember doing this with Spencer at the 7AM class. I was thinking, am I even going to make it through the 1000m row, let alone finish the thrusters and pull ups. Somehow, I made it through the row without dying. On to the Thrusters....this was my first time to do thrusters. And lets just say, my form was horrid. I could barely do the 15# bar without falling forward. So, Spencer switched me to the PVC pipe...kinda embarrassing that I couldn't even do the 15# bar. I eventually finished the thrusters, and then on to pull ups. On this day, they were jumping pull ups.

Fast Forward to May 14th, 2009. I don't know if I was excited to do this workout, but curious to see how far I had progressed. I did a good job on the row! I did the 1000m in 4:15, which is faster than I have ever done in previous attempts. In fact, the last time I did a 1000m row for time I finished in 5:25. So, I shaved a minute off my time. Woo hoo! Ah...the thrusters...this one killed me. Or maybe it was the row that killed me. I took forever on the thrusters. Here is where I hit my mental block. Damn thrusters. But I used the 33# bar. So, obviously, big improvement from the PVC pipe. Pull ups, I wanted to use the blue band, but ended up sticking with the Green band. My arms were so tired, and felt like Jello on the pull ups. I did finish. Thank you Georgia and Koy for all the help. I really needed it, especially when I hit my mental block. Crossfit is 90% mental, and 10% physical.

Time on 11-10-2008: 12:45
Time on 5-14-2009: 15:10

Even with a slower time, I feel like this was a win. Everything improved from the previous Jackie. Next time, I will get a much better time, and I won't hit that block.

Diet for Yesterday:
Breakfast: 1c oatmeal, 1/2c pineapple, 6 almonds, 4 strawberries, 1 piece of bacon
Lunch: grilled chicken breast, salad, sweet potatoe fries
Dinner: grilled chicken, salad with mixed veggies, 1/2 c blackberries, 7 peanuts, 4 almonds, and 3 pecans
Total Water Intake: 1.5L

Currently Listening to: "Even Born Again" by Sara Jaffe


  1. Amy, that is HUGE progress! Congratulations!!

  2. Finishing IS half the battle! And you did a great job. What an improvement over November. That's a really fast row! I couldn't believe how sore my arms were on the pull-ups, either.

    Also...Sarah Jaffe is great! See you tomorrow!