Thursday, March 12, 2009

All The Things That Held Me Up Inside

WOD for 3-11-2009

Clean and Jerk

Gwen is a lot harder than she looks let me tell you. The tricky part for this workout is to not regrip at the bottom. It is 15, 12, 9 of touch and go reps. You can not rest at the bottom.

For the workout, Lindsey and I started out a little lighter than we should have. But I am still trying to get the form down. We did 35# for the 15. I figured out that the best place to rest is in the hang position. And then from there touch the ground and start the movement. We did 45# for the set of 12. At around rep 5, my chest starts to go forward....grrr....this is something that I struggle with with almost every single lift. I got my form back around rep 8. When my chest starts to dip, I need to remember to not go as low in the squats to refocus myself. The set of 9 was done with 55#. Wow...this was challenging. Maybe not so much the weight itself, but the fact that my arms were killing me, and I was determined to not get a foul. After finishing rep 7, omg...those last two could not have come faster. BUT...I did finish, and without any fouls!

After the workout, those people who had fouls had to do some extra work. Even though I didn't foul, I did some of the work. One because Koy told me that I should. And two, well, I do the extra work on my core. I did 5 seconds of L-planks. Yeah....that was "fun".

Still working on repaying my "missed" pull ups from last week. I did 15 with the green band and 2 with the blue band before the workout. I have 20 more to make up.

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal, 4 pieces of bacon, pineapple
Lunch: Pei Wei (Sweet and Sour chicken prepared gluten free by request!)
Snack: Kiwi, grapes, peanuts
Dinner: 2 blueberry flaxseed waffles, turkey bacon (was feeling breakfast for dinner since it was cold and rainy)
Total Water Intake: 2L

Currently Listening to: "Such As Toys" by Darby

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