Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Can Feel the Blood Rushing Through My Veins

WOD for 3-3-2009

Four Rounds:
750m Row
20 reps Kettlebell Swing
10 Pull-Ups

Rest 90 seconds.

This was the original workout. I did one round of this for a time of 5:27. (ug...) However, we had so many people in the 6PM class, that Sam had to change it up. So, the new workout was:

5 Rounds:
250m row
20 kettlebell swings
15 pull ups

4:10; (2 minute rest); 10:42; (5 mintue rest), 19:56; (2 minute rest); 24:46; (2.5 minute rest); 33:10.

I did like this work out. But since I tore my hand the day before, my hand just couldn't take the pull ups. I had tears in my eyes after the first round. So, during the 3rd round, I did half with the band, and then finished the last 2.5 rounds with jumping pull ups. I think this hurt my ego just as bad as my hands. On one hand, I finished the work out. On the other hand, I went backwards.

I am going to get my hand wrapped by one of the techs today, and hopefully, I will be able to do pull ups when I get to the gym. I have 37 pull ups that I have to make up. It won't make up for the workout yesterday, but I will feel better that I finished out the pull ups.

Diet for Yesterday:
Breakfast: 1/4 scoop of scrambled eggs (ugg...gross), 1/2 biscuit, 3 pieces of bacon, couple of pieces of pineapple
Lunch: Salad with baked chicken breast
Snack: blackberries, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Dinner: turkey slices, apple slices, almond butter
Total Water Intake: 2.5L

Currently Listening to: "Stigmatized" by The Calling

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