Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Wish You Were Committed to Change

WOD for 3-24-2009


So, I have been looking forward to this workout since we did it last time. I was hoping to hit over 200 last night. Well, I did...I got 205#. And I should be excited, thrilled...but I am surprisingly not as happy as I should be. I think I have identified my problem with lifting the heavier weights. I calculate how much I am going to lift before I lift it. If I would just not think about it, and lift the stupid thing, I would do much better. I will put this into practice next time I lift.

On positive notes...I am working on the kip for the pull ups. I think it is getting better...but only time will tell. Mel and I have started running BEFORE the warm ups now...I running?!?! What's up with that? I still hate running, but I need to do it, and the only way that I will get better is to do it. And it's great that she does it with me. I don't like doing it alone...

Over the past few months, people at work have questioned whether or not this program works. I want to think that I am proof that this program can work! I never thought I would be able to do band pull ups, and now I can. I never thought I could do a 200# deadlift, and I have! The thing with CrossFit, is that it is a LIFESTYLE change. You need to watch what you eat, and actually GO to CrossFit. Now, I realize that my diet is still not perfect, and it may never be. I admit it, I LOVE bread and other bad things like chocolate. But, I work bread into my schedule. If I eat bread, it is normally on the weekend when the cafeteria is not open at the hospitals. And even then, I will get a grilled chicken sandwhich. I know that I should be better and only eat half the bread, but baby steps right? And as for the chocolate...well, one chocolate coverd almond won't hurt me that much every now and then....But I am committed to make the change, and just you wait and watch for the results!!

Also, Dee totally rocked it out last night! She got a 300# deadlift! Holy was great! I think that will be another goal to add to my list for 2009.

Goals for end of 2009 so far:
500# CrossFit Total
300# Deadlift
1 dead hang pull up

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: egg white omelet with tomatoes and bacon
Lunch: Salad with baked Chicken breast
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Strips, zucchini, 5 almonds
Snack: Turkey bacon, blackberries, kiwi
Total water intake: 1.5L

Currently Listening to: "The Game" by SouthFM

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