Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Trying to Break Me Down

WOD for 3-12-2009


Handstand Push-Ups
Ring Dips

Holy crap batman....this workout killed me...and I think everyone in the gym. I used the 15# dumbbell for the HSPU. I used the Green band for the ring dips (first time to use a band on ring dips), and knee push ups. Lots of subs there....but I am proud that I finished it! I totally hit muscle failure during the set of the 15 ring dips. Time was 16:59.

I actually did this workout back in November. (11-21-2008). My time then was 9:40. The only thing that I changed this time was adding in the band ring dips. I did jumping ring dips the first time.

What a HUGE difference in time the harder ring dips made! Granted, I did use a band, but to be able to finish with the band is a big improvement for me. I am excited to see what I do next time I do this workout.

Diet for yesterday:
Breakfast: Didn't eat.
Lunch: CHEAT MEAL (For Stepdad's Birthday): Deli chicken sandwhich with cup of baked potato soup..yum
Dinner: salad with grilled chiken and sunflower seeds
Snack: none
Total Water Intake: 1.5L

So, my thoughts on my diet for this sucked. Yeah, I get that I get to eat a cheat meal a couple of times a week, but looking back on this day, it wasn't good overall. I didn't eat breakfast, which was a mistake. Even if it was a piece of fruit, I should have eaten something. Also, not having a snack was a no no. It seems that on days that I work (I had this day off), my diet is not as great as it should be. Water intake tends to be on the lower side. It is possible that this could have contributed to my slower time, but then again, this was a hard workout. I need to make a better effort on my days off to keep my diet spot on.

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