Friday, March 20, 2009

These Thoughts Run Through My Head

WOD for 3-18-2009
Muscle-Up/L-Sit Practice

Tabata Mash-Up

Muscle ups....what can I say about those....besides the fact that I am no where even close to getting Mel and Linda are practicing really hard to get one, and I just watch and day I can do that. Just not today. This day, we just learned the progression. L-Sits...another thing that I am not great at. I got to do a plank hold for a minute. Fun....I was able to hold it for 30 seconds, and then the burning started to get too much, and I had to drop. I did finish out the last 30 seconds.

Now, on to the Tabatas! Subbed double unders and Favorite!! (Insert sarcasm here). But it wasn't that bad. It was only 20 seconds. Somehow, the 20 seconds kept getting longer, and the 10 second rest kept getting shorter....It was interesting running up and down Dyer and then doing jump ropes. The faces that people make when they see you doing this fun stuff are quite interesting. Then, you have the guy at The Green Elephant who decides that he is going to jump up and down on the outside table when we do jump rope...that was entertaining. Don't really remember how many singles I did, but I remember that the worst round was 20, and the best round was 35. And the others averaged about 26-29.

Then, there was the cool down...I volunteered to sit on the glute ham machine, while others did a farmer's carry and held weights over their head. The glute ham planks weren't that horrible, but I needed to switch out with Pat after a while. I held the 45# plate overhead, which wasn't that bad. The girls were supposed to hold the 35# plate, but there wasn't time to find it, and the 45# wasn't that bad. The farmer's carry was done with kettlebells. I'm not sure on what weight the girls used, but it wasn't that bad. This was actually a really fun cool down...

Breakfast: chicken (from a McDonald's chicken biscuit--food was brought for me, I didn't order it...I promise), 1/4 cup oatmeal, and 3 pieces of bacon
Lunch: green beans, 1/4 of a really gross mushroom thing, 1/2 rubbery scallop (never had scallops, thought I would try it), and then there was more food on the plate, but I didn't eat it. You know, for Doctor's Day...they really should have had better food.
Dinner: Sage-pecan crusted chicken breast, salad
Snack: Strawberries and almonds
Total Water Intake: 1.5L (really needed more water today...would have helped in the workout)

Currently Listening to: "Paperthin Hymn" by Anberlin

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